servane mouazan
I help you explore conscious innovation
to change people's worlds
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  • "To change the rules, change the tools"
    “If work is to become play, then tools must become toys"
    Lee Felsenstein
  • Conscious Innovation is when you…

    • Navigate collective knowledge
    • Explore the fringes of networks
    • Open up your thinking
    • Invite newcomers to your conversations
    • Regenerate economies
    • Extend your comfort zones
    • Live up to your positive intentions


  • The Future Belongs to Smart Connectors

  • Insightful: 10 breakthrough innovations that will shape the world in 2025

  • Nature as a Model, Mentor and Measure

  • "If you want to change anything, go where the heart beats"

    "Servane Mouazan excels in Coaching and Leadership. She is an inspirational mentor with a strong “Can Do” attitude and ability to bring people together from different backgrounds.”


  • What I am working on at the moment…

    Exciting experiences for people who want to boost innovation in their organisation, embrace brave strategies and learn about their power to change people’s world.


    "Having a coach is normally a big thing-a way to set of time to reflect and consider the best options to move ideas forward. My sessions with Servane have been so much more than that. This has been the space where i have been safe enough to dig deep, reconsider my barriers and really move forward on my strengths. I came into our work together knowing I wanted to start something, but not what. I am leaving with my hands over my head, with a clear plan. Incredible work, thank you!"

    Ann-Sofie Jespersen | WorldBank | Egypt

  • "While we don’t have the luxury of time to fix the problem of unsustainable development, we do have a wealth of readily available solutions. And with SUSTAINIA100, we now know where to find the most inspiring of them."

    Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri
  • Kids explain the circular economy… with legos! How can you revisit your life/work using this principle?