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How to respond to coronavirus impact if in post-accelerator phase

Are you at post accelerator stage or have you just closed a round in the last 6 months? Are you feeling overwhelmed or getting ready to brace the storm? We are running through some practical decisions and also the best ways to keep your investors aligned and with you, in this chaotic time. In this […]

Planning and Decision-Making Tools in Unpredictable Times

In March 2020, we have been holding individual and group check-ins for #ImpactWomen – women who lead social enterprises, Bcorps, activist groups, community businesses – to build “Islands of Sanity“. The reason why some of us are not always dealing well with uncertainty is because of: Mixed messages from various sources The general confusion about […]

Last mile (or more) towards “active”​ inclusion in the workplace

A couple of month ago, I had the privilege to host participants of the Common Purpose‘s StreetWise MBA, and discuss inclusive #workplaces and practices. To make most of our time and create a rich action-learning experience, we used a participatory approach to reflect and share insights in real time. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace […]

Servane Mouazan – a One-Woman Social Revolution

Servane Mouazan, CEO, Ogunte: a One-Woman Social Revolution Published in The NextWomen Social Entrepreneurship – 2012. An interview by Hatty Richmond. When you spend an hour or two in the company of Servane Mouazan, you come away with the sense that you’ve just met a one-woman revolution. For the uninitiated amongst you, Servane is the […]

Leadership: How to Free Yourself from the Cement Coat

Managing knowledge properly in your organisation or your project is an absolute necessity. It informs your strategy and your operations. It’s not about collecting data and letting it sleep in filing cabinets. It’s alive and should serve your purpose. But how do YOU know you adapt to change? Moving on… Managing knowledge about how YOU are adapting […]

Breaking the ‘Triple Glass Ceiling” for women in social enterprise

Breaking the ‘Triple Glass Ceiling’ for women in social enterprise An interview with Servane Mouazan, CEO of Ogunte: a consultancy for impact women. This interview was featured in The Beam #8 — Together for Climate Justice, subscribe to The Beam for more. “I would encourage people to look at the wonderful work of women in social and […]

6 inspiring women committed to change the world for the better

From an article by The Beam Editor-in-Chief, Anne-Sophie Garrigou. “Empowering women and achieving gender equality are not only moral imperatives, they are crucial to creating inclusive, open and prosperous societies. Yet the barriers to doing so are daunting. In this conversation with Servane Mouazan, CEO of Ogunte, I came to the understanding that supporting women […]

What does change look like for women returners?

Cadence Innova helps public sector organisations grow their social impact, through digital and business transformation. As part of an effort to build inclusive cultures in companies, Cadence also uses flexibility and diversity as cornerstones of its own business practice. In this interview, I am exploring why it is important to explore the lives of experienced […]

How Women Build Peace Through Deep Democracy

Deep democracy at Women of the World Festival in Rio, Brazil The Women of the World Festival, (‘WOW’ or ‘Festival Mulheres do Mundo’) debuted its Latin America’s journey between the 15 and 17th of November 2018. The festival has already been held in 23 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa, and the Brazilian edition convened [...]

Tending the Roots of Social Business

Podcast Interview EPISODE 26 – SERVANE MOUAZAN ON SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, WOMEN AND NETWORKS // TENDING THE ROOTS OF SOCIAL BUSINESS. See original page and recording here. “Women are active in the space where they have been historically confined to. It’s not something you are born with – that eagerness to help – it’s something you learn… [...]

Leadership: The Unfinished Business

Leadership is never a finished business. You cannot graduate in leadership and be done.   At Ogunte, since 2001, I have chosen to explore leadership with a gender lens and specifically with and by women who focus on changing people’s world, their social and environmental contexts. It’s a fascinating topic, and I hope my associates and […]

How to prototype for a quicker career transition

SHARING! My latest interview with Cecile Pompeï, from Pompeï Learning. Cecile designs programmes and experiences to put people in movement in the future of work”. Check her insightful and energetic programmes here. “Prototype your transition: Do it in your spare time, go and meet people, volunteer, and importantly hold a thinking journal of your experiences, […]

Move from Functional Lead to CEO

I recently ran a rapid prototyping session for senior women in social enterprises, who are contemplating moving from a functional lead or a senior changemaker position, to CEO level. Did you know: Although Women in Social Enterprise lead in small entities, only a small percentage of them occupy CEO or decision-making seniority in larger social […]

How to #PressForProgress and Get A Solidarity Economy That Works for All

Article first published on KINGSLEY NAPLEY blog – #IWD2018 Since 2001, Ogunte is developing expertise in supporting women in social enterprises and the solidarity economy, to grow their operations, their impact, and develop their leadership. One of our avenues is to collect stories of these women leaders. These stories give us an insight in the […]

A better world, powered by women?

The International Ogunte Women’s Social Leadership Awards reward women who have created a positive social or environmental impact through enterprise, campaigning or community initiatives. In this interview, Servane Mouazan, founder and director at Ogunte CIC and creator of the Women’s Social Leadership Awards, explains why it is important to support women in social enterprises.

Helping employers everywhere operate at a basic level of humanity.

I recently interviewed Abigail Driscoll from GoodWell, intrigued about their new certification process based on metrics that prove that people are a company’s most important asset. Servane: What is Goodwell about? Abigail Driscoll: GoodWell is a metrics based management framework designed to strengthen employee satisfaction by certifying fair, equitable, and humane workplace practices. Servane: You […]

Have you got a self-care mantra?

The Brazilian martial art Capoeira teaches us a simple way to take stock, grow and develop. I have looked for ways to train and learn as much as i could, in order to find these four elements in the same place, at the same time. A master shared these with me: Focus, (self-) Control Balance Timeliness […]

The most important question activists must ask themselves

From my series of interviews with Women Social Innovators on Ogunte.com Iara Lee, a Brazilian of Korean descent, is an activist, filmmaker, and founder of the Cultures of Resistance Network, an organization that promotes global solidarity and supports peace with justice projects. Iara is currently working on a variety of initiatives, grouped under the umbrella […]

What if you designed *with* humans

During our latest Ogunte brainy breakfast with the fabulous Futureheads Recruitment team, our guest speaker Clare Munday, and a lively group of Women in Social Enterprises and Technology, we explored practical ways to “design with humans”, and we went away with valuable commitments. This session was hosted and animated by Clare Munday, independent Service Design & […]

12 essential ways to weave inclusion into your work

If you want to learn about culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change the culture change the stories. Michael Margolies As I was invited to speak at the recent TechInclusion event in London on the Inclusive Investment Panel, I looked at what the ecosystem of investors, accelerators and entrepreneurs needed to rethink […]

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