50-50-50 Wayfinding Challenge

Are you a JEDI* professional?

Do you need to find some sense of direction, clarity, and focus?

Join the 50-50-50 Wayfinding Challenge Today and Find Your Compass!

Why I am doing this?

  • I am turning 50 this year...
  • So I'll offer 50 heavily discounted wayfinding sessions
  • In 50 days
  • For 50 JEDI passionates

For *JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Professionals

  • Are you a Social/Environmental JEDI campaigner, junior or senior, employee, associate, consultant or starting an NGO, or working for philanthropic or investment vehicle?
  • Are you in career transition or unable to access coaching through your workplace/networks because of prohibitive costs?
  • I will offer 50 wayfinding trial coaching sessions for £50 each, for 50 professionals in the JEDI ecosystem. New dates are added at the end of each month.
  • This is a unique sponsored opportunity at 69% off the normal price! A way to trial what coaching can do for you.
Scan book - 50-50-50 JEDI Wayfinding Session (30min-remote) for £50.00

I will help you to...

  • Spark clarity about your wants
  • Prioritize things to do and people to connect with
  • Inject some love, energy, and true assumptions into your way of thinking
  • Communicate your strengths and values with precision and integrity
  • Evaluate and embrace your wins

How to maximise this session (please read)

Think about a 30 min session as a warm-up before a long-haul run.

You won't achieve the marathon by the end of these 30 minutes.

However, using the analogy of race training, you can set yourself up for success by focusing on the muscles you will use, your posture, your nutrients, your training conditions, the habits that don't serve you and your physical and mental needs.

Goals such as "What is my purpose in life" or "What should I do with my life now" might take more than 30 min to resolve.

However, "What are the favourable conditions to think about my purpose?" or "I would like to start reflecting on that place of stuckness I am in right now" or "I want to understand what makes me say "I don't know", are some statements you could possibly look at.
Equally, if you have a long list of to-do items to solve and you don't know how to get started, that 30 min session could be used to reframe your situation, for example: "What's stopping me from getting on with it, really?"

What more comes to mind?

Don't worry, when you book this session, you'll get a short worksheet to get yourself ready!

Finally, as this is a coaching session, so I will not provide advice, therapy, consulting, teaching or therapy.

What People Say

Servane is someone I would turn to again and again as a coach. I hired Servane during a time when I wanted to raise my game. I needed someone who was highly capable of working with uncertainty and also confident in their capacity to intuit an optimal approach, in the small amount of time we had together. Servane was brilliant. She is a whole systems thinker, so was able to help me in a way that fits my wider context. She brought dynamism to our sessions and my momentum skyrocketed. Servane knows how to lighten a task without ceding gravitas. I recommend her to anyone with a complex challenge who needs a fast breakthrough and would benefit from an outstanding thinking partner.

Sofia Bustamante - Speaker, Trainer, Process Designer for Dialogue and Peace Building

The session helped me clear up some doubts and I now have some concrete steps to work towards my goal!


KS - Sustainable Investment Consultant, focusing on ESG and impact measurement

I wanted to refocus where to put my leadership energy and my main issue was myself! I couldn't prioritise myself. During the programme, I was surprised to hear what I actually wanted to do, articulated so clearly. The main outcome is that I am committing to the realistic consistency of a creative practice. Servane gave me a good, flexible structure. She didn't let me go down my usual avoidance rabbit holes. She kept things simple, practical but inspiring - no mean feat!
These sessions are short, sharp, focused and fun. Part of an essential road map to get where you want to go!


Katie Brown - MD Strategic Design & Research Agency

I was lucky to receive a brilliant social impact career coaching session from Servane Mouazan, she really helped me channel my values into a presentation preparation so I could deliver with precision and integrity.
Thank you!

Becky Grove - Founder at Grounders, Championing Youth Employment | TV & Cinema producer

Scan book - 50-50-50 JEDI Wayfinding Session (30min-remote) for £50.00

Hi, I'm Servane!

Helping leaders align their imagination and collective intelligence to transform people's lives, is my passion.

I am a Conscious Innovation catalyst and entrepreneur, previously founder and CEO of Ogunte CIC, an organisation which set out to amplify the women-led social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In the past 22 years, I have supported  10,000+ leaders in the social economy globally, - from CEOs, and entrepreneurs to investors around the world - with leadership development programmes, impact movements,  growth accelerators, and leadership development for women in social finance.

On this journey, you will benefit from my global enterpreneurial background and my experience as a certified Executive Neuroleadership Coach (ICF PCC), Conflict Management coach (Cynergy), my practice as a qualified Thinking Environment coach & member of the Time To Think Collegiate, a certified Mentor Coach, an ICF PCC Markers Assessor and a member of the International Coaching Federation abiding by its code of ethics.

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