Embrace Your Focus

A 3-month personal focus support for restless changemakers who want to make a difference

Don't drop your guard now!

  • Design your next steps as a changemaker
  • Stop chasing rabbits
  • Create exciting change on your terms

Which Changemaker Do You Want To Become?

What you'll be able to achieve

  • Make significant decisions about your next steps as a changemaker
  • Get things done effectively, with the big picture in mind
  • Build up exciting connections
  • Gain confidence and poise, when you communicate your plans
  • Have fun working on your future

Servane will help you to...

  • Spice up your purpose
  • Prioritize things to do without burnout
  • Inject some love into your actions
  • Carve out time to think
  • Evaluate and embrace your wins

Your Package

  • 6 x 60 minutes 1-2-1 consultancy
  • Email support between sessions
  • Accountability system
  • Surprise Bonus: I will be working with you on your personal and authentic 12min TedX style talk, to share your big idea and get people interested in your work.

What People Say

Servane is someone I would turn to again and again as a coach. I hired Servane during a time when I wanted to raise my game. I needed someone who was highly capable of working with uncertainty and also confident in their capacity to intuit an optimal approach, in the small amount of time we had together. Servane was brilliant. She is a whole systems thinker, so was able to help me in a way that fit my wider context. She brought dynamism to our sessions and my momentum skyrocketed. Servane knows how to lighten a task without ceding gravitas. I recommend her to anyone with a complex challenge who needs a fast breakthrough and would benefit from an outstanding thinking partner.

Sofia Bustamante

I wanted to refocus where to put my leadership energy and my main issue was myself! I couldn't prioritise myself. During the programme, I was surprised to hear what I actually wanted to do, articulated so clearly. The main outcome is that I am committing to the realistic consistency of a creative practice. Servane gave me a good, flexible structure. She didn't let me go down my usual avoidance rabbit holes. She kept things simple, practical but inspiring - no mean feat!
These sessions are short, sharp, focused and fun. Part of an essential road map to get where you want to go!


Katie Brown

Special Offer for The Ogunte Community of #ImpactWomen
£ 1500.-

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