Thinking Booster

Make Space to Think – Enjoy a Thinking Booster.

Thinking Boosters are swift-paced and upbeat sessions*, designed to help you and/or your organisation facilitate positive change. Thinking Boosters are great if you want to reflect, find a sense of direction and leap into action!
One Thinking Booster is a 30 minutes online session to set up high-performance systems and create new learning habits, that keep you going.


  • you have short time lapses during the day to take off.
  • you need practical, high paced sessions, and a co-designed and creative plan to work on in your own time, in your own space, afterwards.
  • you are keen on using the power of your imagination and have a go
  • you want to reflect strategically and not dwell into small talk.

Servane gave me good flexible structure.  She didn’t let me go down my usual avoidance rabbit holes. She kept things simple, practical and inspiring – no mean feat!

The Thinking Boosters are short, sharp, focused and fun. Part of an essential road map to get where you want to go!


Offer yourself a credit of:
5 Thinking Boosters sessions, valid for 2 months (Pay As You Go £500)
Cost per session of 30 min: GB £100.
By purchasing the Thinking Boosters Session, you confirm you have read The Coaching Terms and Conditions here

The timezone shown on the reservation is London UK Time – The session takes place through Zoom – or phone, should your internet connection not function properly.

Contact me here to discuss dates/times.

5 Thinking-Booster Sessions


You have fourteen [14] days from the date of purchase of services to change your mind. Should the supply of services (including any digital content) commence before the fourteen [14] days from the date of purchase has elapsed, by agreeing to this contract, you acknowledge that you are consenting to lose your right of withdrawal.

* Sessions are supported by neuroscience-based, process-focused, outcome-driven methodologies, delivered by a supervised and certified coach (Results Coaching Systems, Neuroleadership Group), abiding by the code of conduct of the International Association for Coaching. Coach Servane Mouazan is a certified executive coach and a full member of the International Association For Coaching.

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