Wayfinding 1:1 Programme

Transform people's lives
... and your own

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If you love to invest in social change,
embark on this wayfinding journey
and ignite a greater impact.

You want to...

  • Feel ease when you communicate to accelerate change
  • Enjoy working on your future from a place of trust, courage and confidence
  • Improve your significance, meaning and impact, on your own terms

What's in the way?

Our findings show that people who want more trust, meaning and impact in their life or organisation, mostly experience some of these situations:


  • Living in some "crisis" mode, or
  • A need to prioritise and understand the "What's next?"
  • Difficulty aligning with people who "need convincing"
  • A degree of emotional fatigue, or
  • The impression of not always being heard or seen


These feelings and thoughts don't necessarily surface all at once but appear when they are not needed!

I will help you dig deep and...

  • Prioritise & focus on the here and now
  • Identify and remove assumptions that might not serve you/ your purpose
  • Create wise and audacious habits for a new, healthy direction
  • Understand and communicate your strengths and values openly and intentionally

What you will need

  • Your readiness to explore new territories and perspectives
  • Some time set aside between sessions to "sit" with your new insights and activate your ideas
  • Your openness and curiosity toward wayfinding & transformation
Servane Mouazan - Founder Conscious Innovation

Hi, I'm Servane!


Helping leaders think independently, align their imagination and collective intelligence to transform people's lives, is my passion.


I am a Conscious Innovation catalyst and entrepreneur, previously founder and CEO of Ogunte CIC, an organisation that set out to amplify the women-led social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In the past 23 years, I have supported  10,000+ leaders in the social economy globally, - from CEOs, and entrepreneurs to investors around the world - with leadership development programmes, impact movements,  growth accelerators, and leadership development for women in social finance.

On this journey, you will benefit from my global entrepreneurial background and my experience as a certified Executive Neuroleadership Coach (ICF PCC accredited), a Conflict Management coach (Cynergy), my practice as a qualified Thinking Environment coach, facilitator and teacher and active member of the Time To Think Collegiate, a certified Mentor Coach and official ICF PCC Markers Assessor, and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) abiding by its code of ethics.

Your Package

  • 1x 30 min right fit session on line for vision scoping, assess your ways of working and your appetite for change
  • 6 x 60 min confidential sessions to spread over a period of up to 6 months, through 1:1 zoom sessions
  • A mutually designed accountability system
  • Email support between sessions
  • Follow-up with relevant resources
  • + Bonus
    The package may include

    * A tailored 360-degree assessment and reading if required
    * Personal Development Roadmap (PDR)
    * 2 x 15 min laser sessions. You can use them in case of an “emergency”, eg job interview, or last minute presentation or a time-bound dilemma.
    If the sessions are unused, the time will be donated toward Thinking Environment group sessions for Young JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) activists.

What People Say

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Coaching Feedback Emiliya

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