Conscious Innovation: a Development Opportunity for Global Social Leaders and Investors.

Align your imagination, strengths, and connections

to create actions that transform people’s lives

… and yours.

What the world wants from you

Servane Mouazan - Hammamet Conference Facilitation -

Many of us dream of making a positive impact in the world. But we are as strong as our ability to collaborate and communicate with one another, amplify imagination and turn ideas into actions.

And sometimes we get stuck, the message isn’t getting through, actions arent’ getting started…

Does it ring a bell?

When crises, loss of purpose, adverse political contexts, life setbacks, or even new technology come along, you need a discovery-driven approach to reveal contradicting ideas.

Whether you are an individual or trying to solve something as part of a team.

This discovery helps you to focus, align, and deliver.

I use discovery, foresight, imagination, and systems design with Impact+ entrepreneurs, angel investors, philanthropists, and global innovation networks leaders.

Is that you?

Get individual support, start a short course, or grow through a thinking/doing partnership, with my support

By doing so, you will amplify your potential to create influential, practical solutions and resources to meet social and environmental needs.

You will adapt the ways you operate and start changing many people’s lives for the better.

Your Next Steps

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Hi! I’m Servane…


I am passionate about equipping and connecting Social Impact Professionals to adapt their ways of working and being, to create a world that says to people “They Matter”.

As a senior leader in the social economy, I have had the privilege to connect, invest in, advocate for and amplify the impact of thousands of women around the world (entrepreneurs, campaigners, C-suite team members, social finance providers).

Thanks to this experience, I have deepened my knowledge of a wide range of social, environmental, governance and cultural issues, and learned to co-create ways to mitigate them.

I look forward to supporting you on your discovery.

Individuals seek my help to…

Amplify their Social Impact Career!

You are a social leader, a social investor, at a crossroad, and you want to

  • Articulate a focused and powerful offer
  • Understand how your vision and talents fit in the sector
  • Get things done effectively, with the big picture in mind
  • Build up exciting and relevant connections
  • Increase your chance of being heard when you communicate your offer to project partners/recruiters
  • Gain clarity and grow in confidence

Is that you?

Come create some breakthroughs

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You want to ignite your social impact career...

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Companies seek my help to…

    • Equip team members with strategic leadership and innovation skills
    • Support Senior Leadership Team members with engaging short courses to focus and find their fit
    • Activate the power of imagination and play
    • Re-think, adapt and scale social change and investment projects
    • Grow and engage quality community networks
    • Identify governance sore points and risks, and support growth readiness
    • Stimulate people’s vision and adaptability, through futures-thinking and foresight practice
Group of women learning in a circle - Servane Workshop

The Sectors I am Working in

From Funtional Lead to CEO - Ogunte Workshop with Women in Social Enterprises

Gender Lens & Inclusion

Social Finance

Philanthropic Programming

Tech For Good

Global Civic Sector Leadership

  • Gender Lens & Inclusion

  • Social Finance

  • Philanthropic Programming

  • Tech For Good

  • Global Civic Sector Leadership

Values & Testimonials

2018 conscious innovation Images Panel

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