From Functional Lead to CEO - Workshop with Women in Social Enterprises
Servane Mouazan - Hammamet Conference Facilitation -
Servane in a workshop

What’s between you and your impact?

Many of us dream of making a positive impact in the world.

But we are as strong as our ability to trust, collaborate and communicate with one another, amplify imagination and turn ideas into actions.
And sometimes we get stuck.
We live with assumptions that slow us down,
our desire for change isn’t met,
actions aren’t moving forward…


Does it Ring a Bell?

To gain awareness, clarity, focus and a plan to overcome these challenges, you need to…


Jump on A Discovery that Unlocks Change

This is why I invite you to explore your next steps through a conscious innovation discovery.

I help you walk through an awareness-driven approach that combines deep listening, foresight techniques, rigour, elegance and imagination.

On your own or as a group.


Do you love to invest in Positive Social Change?

You are an Impact+ entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, or part of a global innovation network and you love to invest in social change… But you need to accelerate change and bring people along? Read further!


Through learning activities in groups or 1-2-1 coaching, I help you amplify your potential to create influential, audacious, yet practical solutions to meet your needs.

How? By learning new habits to process your assumptions and transform the ways you operate and you communicate.

As a result, you start changing many people’s lives… and your own.


Your Next Steps

Let’s explore how you can start your conscious innovation journey…


Book a Discovery Call with no obligation
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Hi, I’m Servane

I am passionate about equipping and connecting Leaders who love to invest in social change. I create safe spaces where they adapt their ways of working and being, as they create a future world that says to people “They Matter”.

As a senior leader, advisor and board member in the social economy, I have had the privilege to connect, invest in, advocate for and amplify the impact of 10,000+ women around the world (entrepreneurs, campaigners, C-suite team members, social finance providers).

One of my highlights was the creation of the first incubator for women in social enterprises in the UK, which I launched through my previous company, Ogunte CIC. It later expanded into an online incubator with women leaders from Jamaica to Japan at a time when very little dared to connect remotely! It was great fun taking them on an audacious leadership and business discovery. They felt heard, connected and stimulated.

Thanks to this and other leadership and learning experiences over the past 22 years, I have deepened my knowledge of a wide range of social, environmental, governance and cultural issues, and learned to co-create ways to mitigate them, building meaningful and influential partnerships for impact.

I look forward to supporting you in your Conscious Innovation discovery.

Let’s create some breakthroughs

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