If you knew you could create the conditions that maximise
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From Functional Lead to CEO - Workshop with Women in Social Enterprises
Servane Mouazan - Hammamet Conference Facilitation -
Servane in a workshop
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My vision?

A world where, through individual & collective intelligence development, we consider and treat this planet and all of its living components as if “they matter”.

Hello! I am Servane

I help decision-makers and teams who love to invest in social change, through the design stages of their strategic innovation.

The work

To grow as individuals and impactful teams, we need to build genuine trust, effective collaboration and communicate authentically. But our belief systems, social structures, and power dynamics sometimes prevent us to accomplish this.

For twenty years, I have had the privilege to support – mainly women- founders, and intermediaries, in the social economy.

My depth of experience has grown and covers corporate and charitable foundations, boards, government entities, institutional investors, and mission-led finance institutions.

Thoughtful people bring me in at the thinking stage, when the direction is uncertain, roles still undefined and options are rather blurry…

My facilitation enables you to re-imagine, design and articulate your new ways of working, routes to strategic innovation and social impact.

This process combines deep listening, foresight techniques, rigour, elegance and imagination.

How my specialist support helps

• Your team’s integration and ways of communicating improve
• You increase your productivity, motivation, courage and quality actions around your agenda
• Your innovation and impact strategy is exponentially richer and more aligned

Your Next Steps

Contact me for an initial 20-minute vision scoping conversation (with no obligation) and get a flavour of how I can take you from uncertainty and confusion – to clarity and exciting next steps.

Start changing many people’s lives… and your own!

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Let’s create some breakthroughs

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