Conscious and Sustainable Innovation

Servane puts individuals at the heart of change,

co-designing experiences that transform people’s worlds.

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Building Conscious and Sustainable Innovation

I am a conscious innovation managing director, passionate about co-designing human-centred practices and strategies with the staff and boards of socially conscious and sustainable businesses around the world. I mainly work with women leaders in social and environmental enterprises.

My experience as a Bcorp leader – Ogunte CIC – , an advisor to social enterprises, a systems practice facilitator, and my ability to motivate, convene, coach and develop global practitioners across sectors, enable me to help you co-design experiences, social change programmes and philanthropic actions, that transform people’s worlds.

Companies want my help to…


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Gender Lens & Inclusion

Social Finance

Philanthropic Programming


Civic Sector Leadership

  • Gender Lens & Inclusion

  • Social Finance

  • Philanthropic Programming

  • Tech4Good

  • Civic Sector Leadership

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Values for Conscious Innovation

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“Having a coach is normally a big thing-a way to set of time to reflect and consider the best options to move ideas forward. My sessions with Servane have been so much more than that. This has been the space where I have been safe enough to dig deep, reconsider my barriers and really move forward on my strengths. I am leaving with my hands over my head, with a clear plan. Incredible work, thank you!”


“Servane is a truly unique individual and one of the most valuable connections I have made through my work. Spending time with her always leads to mind-stretching conversations and thinking about my work and my mission from new perspectives. Her network is extensive and she always helps me find the right person to take my ideas to the next level.”


“Servane Mouazan is a force of nature. She nurtures women entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams, engages supporters and angel investors as mentors, uses social media to create awareness, and is generous and committed. […] This is a programme worth supporting.”


"Servane led an inspiring online session on how to prepare for investment with the women entrepreneurs and professionals in the Mentoring Women in Business programme from around the world. She is a talented, inspiring speaker whose energy comes right through the screen. Thanks, Servane!"


“Servane is insightful and incredibly well connected. A creative problem solver who is always fun and challenging to work with, her energy and focus are standouts in this sector. Most important of all she taught me everything i know about measuring social impact and quadruple bottom lines!”


"Positivity always beats negativity? Love this via @ServaneMouazan who I got to meet recently and embodies this!”

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