Conscious and Sustainable Innovation

Let’s connect people, imagination and resources

to design experiences that transform people’s worlds.


Building Conscious and Sustainable Innovation

An organisation is only as strong as its team’s ability to collaborate and communicate with one another, amplify imagination and finally turn ideas into actions.

I am a conscious innovation specialist, working with social entrepreneurs, business support providers, philanthropists, innovation networks and impact investors, around the world. I help them realise and enhance their potential to be influential leaders who provide practical solutions and resources to meet social and environmental needs, and change many people’s lives for the better.

When nonlinear events, crises, new political contexts, or even new technologies come along, it takes a discovery-driven approach to reveal contradicting ideas and promote alignment. This approach doesn’t need to be tedious or painful. (In difficult times, it’s seriously essential to make space for imagination and play!)

Companies Want My Help To…

  • Develop teams and operations within complex environments
  • Equip team members with leadership skills
  • Stimulate their vision and adaptability, through futures-thinking
  • Design, adapt and scale social change programmes
  • Grow and engage quality community networks
  • Identify sore points, risks and support growth readiness
  • Support Senior Leadership Team members with strategic thinking boosters
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The Sectors I am Working In

Gender Lens & Inclusion

Social Finance

Philanthropic Programming

Tech For Good

Global Civic Sector Leadership

  • Gender Lens & Inclusion

  • Social Finance

  • Philanthropic Programming

  • Tech For Good

  • Global Civic Sector Leadership

As a senior leader in the social economy, I have connected, advocated for and amplified the impact of thousands of women leaders in the social economy (entrepreneurs and social finance providers).

This experience contributed to deepen my knowledge in a wide range of social, environmental and cultural issues globally, and to co-create ways to mitigate them.

I engage with people using:

  • Foresight games. They help liberate imagination and unleash in-house talent
  • Deepened communication skills learning for individuals and groups. This helps embed a productive thinking environment.
  • Creative participatory design sprints and strategy development. These help consolidate the organisation’s operations and services, grow its impact internally and externally.

Let’s collaborate and design experiences that change people’s world!

A Simple Process




Values for Conscious Innovation

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