Individuals seek my support to…

Explore leadership skills and mental models that help ignite your impact

The Impact leaders, Investors, Social finance providers I am working with are at a crossroads:

They want to:

  • Navigate leadership in times of uncertainty, “reset”, and complex politics
  • Gain clarity and a new vision
  • Understand how their vision and talents fit in their sector
  • Articulate a focused and powerful offer

They also want to

  • Get things done effectively, with the big picture in mind
  • Build up exciting and relevant connections
  • Improve their personal and professional strategy
  • Increase their chance of being “heard” when they communicate a new offer to project partners

Eventually, they also wish to

  • Explore what an increased level of trust and confidence means to them
  • Understand their team and/or partners and create a generative company culture

Or simply explore their next steps and put the appropriate energy in the right place, at the right time.

Is that you?

Here’s how to get started:


  • Book a 30 min right-fit call with me, with no obligation. We will discuss what you are looking for and explore the type of approach and/or support that might work best for you and if we are a right fit.

If you feel we are a right fit:

By purchasing a session, you confirm you have read The Coaching Terms and Conditions here.

45 min Discovery for individuals £ 249 Best for: • Time-bound orientation • Getting unstuck around a particular short-term leadership challenge Duration: 1x 45 min online Session may include: • Sensemaking • Time to think • 360 report reading
Pricing Card for the Wayfinding Coaching Package - Best for Coaches, Leaders, Impact Investors wishing to address a longer term leadership challenges.

*Laser sessions can be used in case of “emergency”, eg. check in before a job interview, or a last minute presentation dilemma.
Any unused time will be donated toward Thinking Environment group sessions for Young JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) activists.

Certified Time To Think Coach, Facilitator and Teacher
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