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How Independent Thinking Helps You Be a Better Leader

I might know why a Time To Think Thinking Partnership Course would be a valuable learning experence for you… But I can’t (and won’t) think on your behalf so I will share how the Thinking Environment transformed my relationships and leadership, since i first got in touch with it in 2008. And I will look […]

How to seed a fertile ground for healthy relationships at work?

“Everyone talks about peace but no one teaches peace” So, let’s get (re-)started… What are practical steps to seed a fertile ground for healthy and fruitful relationships at work? Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, best known for her philosophy of education and her writing on scientific pedagogy, said: “Everyone talks about peace but no […]

Forget about active listening!

What are the key elements of a brilliant thinking session and what makes it important to give thinkers the space and support they need to generate their best ideas? You’ve heard all there is to know about “active” listening. Some conversations feel brilliant. They produce a lot of ideas, some insights, and yet a few […]

The Lie About Abundance

🌊The lie about “abundance” 🌊 I had the feeling that after running two businesses, starting a new one meant building an empire again, growing, and scaling, in order to be taken seriously, earning a good living and some awards along the way. At the same time, I found the idea of having to follow the [...]

What does good look like? 5 Takeaways on Mastering the Art of Appreciation

In our last live lunch conversation, Diane Perlman and I discussed the importance of mastering the art of appreciation, how to do it, and how it can drive growth and leadership and improve organisational culture. You can watch the 25 min recording of the session here: Here are some 5 takeaways on mastering the art […]

How to bring more people into strategic thinking?

Strategic thinking is multiple and complex... And fortunately so! It involves various activities such as projecting, planning, anticipating, envisaging, simulating, - and stimulating, imagining, improvising, (that one feels a bit odd, yet it has its place!), fantasizing, supposing, hypothesizing, futures-thinking... Each of these activities, approaches, and mindsets requires different levels of attention and contemplation. They [...]

Most quick-fix “plans” will make you fail. Here’s why

There is something sad about needing a “quick-fix” plan as a solution to a thorny issue instead of taking the time to pause and think through underlying issues first. We’ve all been there. We’re in a rush, we brush up on feelings and the knots in the stomach, and we want the easiest way out. […]

A Gift of Sensitivity and Growth: Reflections on the Mimosa Pudica Plant

Yesterday I saw a Mimosa Pudica plant for the first time and it “talked to me”… What the Mimosa Pudica reminded me of: A Metaphor The Mimosa Pudica is a sensitive plant that folds its leaves in response to touch or stroke. And as I got to know this… “being”, I got reminded of how […]

What is Conscious Innovation and How Can it Serve You?

Conscious Innovation is a combination of emerging, interconnected fields that aim to promote long-term thinking, personal transformation, creative problem-solving, and considerate collaboration to tackle thorny challenges. But what makes Conscious Innovation so timely and who benefits from this innovative way of thinking? First of all, Conscious Innovation is an approach that combines Futures-Thinking and Systems-Thinking […]

Why Strategy Work Fails

Have you ever wondered what makes a lot of strategy work fail? You can throw all the consultants of the world to advise and design some pretty strategies but internal conflicts will make everything collapse. In the past months, I have had the privilege to work with organisations that help build dignity, connections, and hope [...]

Do you feel Superpowerful or Powerless about the future?

Do you feel Superpowerful or Powerless about the future? We don’t know much about what the future holds for us. But some scenarios are more exciting than others… Or are they? What if your team doesn’t share your enthusiasm, your sense of urgency or your sense of agency? What if you can’t convey your own […]

The big interrupters

The Big Interrupters   I have wild dreams of a world where we are, wherever we live, in the position to tell each other, this planet and all of its living components: “You matter”. And I specifically think about some of us, some of you, who sit at a decision-making table, and who love to […]

Need to get out of a transition fog? Part 2

Dₒ yₒᵤ ₙₑₑd ₜₒ gₑₜ ₒᵤₜ ₒf ₐ ₜᵣₐₙₛᵢₜᵢₒₙ fₒg? First of all, there is nothing wrong with being in a thinking phase. You might have left your position, or been fiddling for a while to move on. Uncertainty is crippling you. You want to reshape your contribution for a better world, but you want […]

Want to get out of the transition fog? Part 1

There is something about transitions I find super fascinating. The whitespace, the energy or lack thereof, possible feelings of loss of identity or belonging, a purpose that is walking away or coming back with a vengeance… A sense of connectedness that has seen better days… The in-betweenness. I notice people who are doing some “quiet […]

House of Trust: 9 Ways to Manage Empathy Scarcity

Have you felt your organisation needed to adjust its level of empathy lately? What would happen if team members gave one another the opportunity to be seen and heard? In this new House of Trust episode, Soraya Shaw MSc, Applied Organisational Neuroscientist, and I discuss empathy scarcity in individuals and organisations and 9 things we […]

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