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House of Trust: How to make trust and good relationships central to your work

The project “the House of Trust” is aimed at people who love to invest in social change. Matt Smith, CEO of  Key Fund Investments – a social finance organisation based in Sheffield, UK – is someone who moves capital for good. In this short podcast, Matt shared his insights from the past two years as […]

Purpose is important, but you won’t change the world with it

Purpose is important, but you won’t change the world with it. We need more love. The reality is how this purpose and attached values do translate effectively into people’s behaviour, and assumptions, every day, in the workplace, in communities of practice and in networks… We need more love. You can have a brilliant guiding star, […]

House of Trust: 6 tips to grow trust and relationships, and get an “in”

Six tips to do the inner work when you want to grow trust, and relationships, and get an “in”. Inspired by Scilla Elsthworthy, the Novel prize nominee and her mentor, as well as a rich professional and educational journey, spanning from Health policy, international development and art, Dr Ekua Yankah, my new guest in the […]

The untruths that keep you smaller and smaller

What are the untruths that keep you smaller and smaller? We’re hardly 2 weeks into this month and the same thing is surfacing, each time with a different outlook, during #ConsciousInnovation conversations: 😵‍💫”If I show my zest and energy, people will believe I can’t behave with calm and confidence, they’ll think I am nervous. Whereas […]

House of Trust: The Skills That Help Move Money for Good

My latest guest in the House of Trust is Roshana Arasaratnam, a social finance activist, an economist and chartered accountant, among other things. As a true specialist generalist, she works across boundaries and joins the dots across sectors and disciplines to help financial professionals move money for good. Roshana is also interested in social policy, […]

On resistance

What’s your freshest take on resistance? I am thinking of the anti-war resistance **within** Russia… It’s impossible to fathom what resistants are going through in that country and other places of conflict unless we’ve been in a situation ourselves. But to start empathising, imagine what you are going through on a day-to-day basis within a […]

House of Trust: The Art of Growing Trust in Groups

When you are a social impact ecosystem builder, how many times do you stop to think about the value of trust in your work? We know that when there is more trust, you can think better, design better strategies, build better practices, then grow authentic connections and amplify your impact. This is valid for everyone, […]

House of Trust: Tips to grow your trust levels in teams

If you knew that your positive intent, curiosity for the unknown, and openness could lead to more trust in and around you, what would be possible for you? The definition of a person who trusts often comes back as “Somebody who has a firm belief in the reliability, the truth, or ability of someone or [...]

House of Trust Survey Insights

When we entered the House of Trust… we listened to you. We talked to people investing – in many shapes or forms- in social change, who want to grow their impact but feel “Trust” issues are affecting their progress. Here’s what the early findings show: 1. Where lack of Trust becomes an issue, people specifically […]

House of Trust: How to grow trust across cultures

The House of Trust is a participatory project exploring “Trust”; what it looks like, the effect of its absence, how it is built and what changes for us when it is present. Our aim is to create a positive thinking and learning environment for leaders who love to invest in social change. In this short […]

House of Trust – Survey

This year, I am exploring the notion of trust through a series of interactive events and personal reflections. Alongside peers and associates, I want to help people and organisations understand how their internal and external Trust factors influence their ability to function and to make an impact. So I am looking for people investing in […]

Sign up for a Conscious Innovation Session

Do you want to start the year with valuable insights and clarity? Book a one-off Conscious Innovation Coaching Session Here's what some peers came to the session with: "I feel my social business is not serving me. I want to find a way to create more space in my life, my work, my relationships" "I [...]

Now, what is important to YOU in the new year?

In 2020, my key theme was “Withdraw and Pivot”; In 2021, it became “Focus”; A focus to help others – and myself- steadily move towards a guiding star (others might call it “purpose”), one step at a time. In 2022, I am stepping up to explore the vast topic of “Trust”. Inner trust, trust in […]

Hungry for Change?

Hungry for change? Here’s what you will discover for yourself at my Conscious Innovation Restaurant… A partner this week asked me to describe – through a metaphor- the coaching experience I have been providing people as they want support to ignite their social impact, their social change strategy, and their next steps on their change-making […]

What do trust, trees… and kittens have in common?

One of my favourite pastimes is making new fragile objects from nature and recycled material and adorning them with something precious. As I am handling gold leaves or tiny wood twigs, I need to be patient, delicate and remember to keep breathing through the act… to keep a steady hand whilst not suffocating. That reminds [...]

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