Coaching leaders seek my support to…

Develop a warm, supportive approach to leading and being of service.

People use coaching skills for various reasons; some have a “coach” hat, and some don’t.

I support people who want to:

  • Use coaching skills as a consulting tool to serve their customers better
  • Amplify their team’s independent thinking through various coaching techniques
  • Lead in a more supportive way in times of uncertainty
  • Gain clarity and a new vision as to where they are most useful as a coach
  • Participate in a more just and equal world and ignite a positive social impact

Is that you?

How I help

I provide

  • 1-2-1 support to leaders who want to amplify their coaching skills in the workplace
  • Mentor Coaching (groups and 1-2-1 sessions) for coaching leaders working on, or collaborating with accelerator/incubator programmes. I help you reflect on your coaching skills and gain independent insights and fresh thinking around these skills and core competencies. This helps you build optimal sessions with your clients.
  • Mentor Coaching for coaching leaders. This is useful if you seek to improve your skills based on the ICF Core Competencies, and want to apply to or renew your ICF ACC or PCC accreditation. This programme will provide you with the resources you need to reach your goal. (Choose between 1:1 or group sessions, or a combination of both)

3 ways to get started

I’d love to hear what you wish to accomplish and what you believe is currently in your way…

You can:

Book a 30 min right-fit call with me, with no obligation. We will discuss what you are looking for and explore the type of approach and/or support that might work best for you and/or your group and if we are a right fit.


Book a Discovery Session – a one-off 45 min session to get unstuck around a particular short-term challenge.


If we are a right fit, invest in yourself and book a Wayfinding Coaching Programme We’ll explore your ways of being and working, and build your roadmap.

By purchasing either programme, you confirm you have read The Coaching Terms and Conditions here.


45 min Discovery for individuals £ 249 Best for: • Time-bound orientation • Getting unstuck around a particular short-term leadership challenge Duration: 1x 45 min online Session may include: • Sensemaking • Time to think • 360 report reading
Pricing Card for the Wayfinding Coaching Package - Best for Coaches, Leaders, Impact Investors wishing to address a longer term leadership challenges.
Certified Time To Think Coach
Certified SolutionsAcademy Mentor Coach
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