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Servane Mouazan is more than just an expert explorer in social innovation and
entrepreneurship. She helps Impact Leaders and Investors navigate transitions and adapt to

changing times, by turning insights into positive, and impactful action.

For the past 23 years, she has been a tireless advocate, an ecosystem builder, and an award-
winning enabler for leaders and organisations that make a positive and compassionate change in the world.

She is well-connected in the social impact community  and past clients have praised her for her consistent focus, her infectious commitment, and her ability to connect with audiences through empathy, independent thinking, and foresight.

Some of Servane’s most popular talks & Interactive Sessions:

  • The Truth about Women-Led Social Entrepreneurship
  • Collective Wisdom: A Mindset for Social Innovation
  • How to Show Up as an Impact Investor
  • The World belongs to Smart Connectors
  • Overcoming a Culture of Conflict
  • Navigating Transitions for Good Business Leaders
  • From Fear to Trust: Grow Your Independent Thinking Skills
  • Time to Think: Experiment Generative Futures-Thinking

If your focus and need are different, she will design a bespoke presentation for you.

What people benefit from:

  • Extensive experience: With over 20 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, consultant, board member, a podcaster, and founder of Ogunte, and later Conscious Innovation, event attendees gain access to her vast expertise in the fields of social entrepreneurship, leadership and mindset for impact investment, and women-led businesses, all while learning from her practical experiences.
  • Customised Content: Servane is known for her ability to captivate audiences through engaging and inspiring stories that illustrate her insights and conclusions, and connects to the audience’s context.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Her passion for social and environmental change, as well as her commitment to empowering women, non-binary people, and underestimated people, inspires and motivates listeners. Her storytelling abilities make her talks memorable and encourage the audience to take action and contribute to creating a more equitable world.
  • Networking and connections: As a well-connected professional within the global social impact community, Servane encourages and offers valuable networking opportunities for attendees, allowing them to potentially collaborate with other like-minded individuals or organizations.

Past clients have praised Servane for her:

  • Consistent focus & Commitment: Servane’s vast knowledge, experience and inquiry in the field of social entrepreneurship and social finance consistently impress clients.
  • Strong communication skills: Her ability to communicate effectively ensures smooth collaboration and progress on projects.
  • Innovative thinking: Clients appreciate Servane’s out-of-the-box thinking and questioning, which helps them find creative solutions to challenges.
  • Reliability and commitment: Clients have highlighted Servane’s dedication and dependability, as she consistently delivers strong results.
  • Empathy and understanding: Many have praised her ability to connect deeply with people, understand their needs, and provide tailored support.

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What people said…

I am always amazed at Servane’s energy, creativity and enthusiasm. She truly is an inspiration to other women and is making a huge difference in the world by empowering others to make changes on a scale that’s right for them. She provides them with the tools, access to others and the self-confidence to nudge things forward or take massive leaps! She has a humble view of herself, which makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her.

~J. Swift, Chair of BT’s Executive Women’s Network

Servane led an inspiring online session on how to prepare for investment with the women entrepreneurs and professionals in the Mentoring Women in Business programme from around the world. She is a talented, inspiring speaker whose energy comes right through the screen. Her session and briefing on social entrepreneurship and investing were tremendously useful for our programme participants and generated an interesting conversation.

~ CEO- Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

I was recently given the opportunity to take part in a workshop called ‘The Ten Components of the Thinking Environment’ with Servane Mouazan. What I experienced in the hour will have a lasting, positive impact – on me, those around me and the relationships I build in the future. This was fascinating, thought-provoking, engaging and good fun. Thank you Servane – I am truly grateful for everything you shared with us.

~D. Beattie – Business Transformation Director, The Hive Consultancy


  • 20 min address or Q&A
  • 30-90 min keynote or workshop
  • Half-day / 1 day masterclass
  • Online or in person


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