Teams seek my support to…

Teams seek my support to re-group, re-align with their values, and make sense of their transition.

They seek to understand what is at stake, what needs to be left out, and achieved in order to make a bigger and more relevant positive impact.

Teams have a variety of objectives, collective knowledge and skills.

To prepare for a new strategy and reach impact, an exploration of behaviours, values, beliefs and attributes, that create the best conditions for your new direction is sometimes necessary. They are the litmus test for your ability to move from thoughts to meaningful and impactful collective action.

I have developed a robust, tried and tested technique to maximise collective intelligence around the table during the design stage of strategic innovation.
My approach often results in real bonds between the participating individuals – a strong foundation for warmer communications, and much better collaboration whilst working towards a common goal.
I am also frequently brought in to help solve relational, inter-personnel conflicts and move people and groups along towards significantly improved collaboration.

As a result of this foundation work, your strategy is more likely to be delivered and your mission more likely to be fulfilled.

Here are some examples of how I have helped groups and teams shift the needle in the past:


  • Grew strategic leadership and innovation skills through better listening
  • Supported Senior Leadership and team members to find focus and fit through deeper communications
  • Activated the power of imagination through foresight sessions


  • Helped teams to collaboratively re-think, and adapt social change and investment projects
  • Grew and engage quality community networks
  • Helped organisations develop a coaching culture to reduce attrition


  • Identified governance sore points and risks, and supported growth readiness
  • Aligned trust levels within the team to create a more enjoyable work environment
  • Stimulated people’s vision and adaptability, through futures-thinking and foresight practice

The interventions combined Futures-Thinking, Thinking Environment and Action-Learning approaches.

Does it sound like something you would like for your team?

Book a 30 min discovery call with me, with no obligation. We can discuss what your  ideal outcome looks like and explore the type of approaches and/or support that could support this objective.

Alternatively, you can get in touch by email to share your initial requirements for your onsite/online thinking day, or for a learning & development programme, over a few months.

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