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Sessions offer a safe and interactive learning environment for business and executive leaders.

Together, we explore how we can build valuable relationships and conditions that generate trust, challenge assumptions, foster imagination, and ignite a positive impact.
Sessions take place online and on-site, in groups and teams.

Who are these events for?

These sessions are suitable for people who love to invest in social change (through resources, time, technical skills or social finance), who work on their own or as teams to transform people’s lives. If you need a discovery for your own team, drop a note here and I’ll come back to you.

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What previous participants said

“What a fantastic workshop Servane! Both in terms of content plus your mantra of ‘how one works together matters’ – amazing to see how much fertile ground that produces for brainstorming together.” ~Amita Gulati – Private Investor and Strategic Adviser.

Thank you Servane, for expanding my mind with signals, with a group of thoughtful open-minded people, all in an hour on a Monday! Loved that you got us to notice our disagreements, and process our instinctive responses. Taking my insights into my future self with me as a I start the rest of my week. Lots to process still, thank you.” ~Esmee Wilcox – NED and Behavioural Change Specialist.

“The workshop was highly engaging and informative, allowing us to reflect on why we sometimes feel “underqualified” or “not good enough” to do certain things.  While each of our stories was personal and unique, Servane led us through a series of exercises to overcome this mental block. By the end, what connected all of us was a united sense of purpose and new-found confidence to take away into our individual lives.” ~ Jamie. Member at The Conduit, London.

“I found the generative listening workshop with Servane was a fantastic exercise in collective thinking. The way she coached, moderated, explained and queried allowed us, participants, to interact with her and with each other in a way that created what were – at least for me personally – many new insights, and not only into this particular topic. The workshop has deepened my understanding and enhanced my capacity to listen.

My freshest thinking: I’m going to re-appreciate all that’s gone right when I have trusted, professionally and personally. Far more than what’s gone wrong :)”. ~ Emilie Goodall. Impact Investment specialist.

“It’s amazing what you can uncover in such a short time!”

“Thank you for the opportunity, Servane. Your session brought a round trip back to myself, breaking barriers one step at the time”

“[I find] SO many situations where learnings from your listening workshop are coming-in handy, particularly at this stage still, awareness what I could have said (or, more accurately, what I could have not said!”

I was recently given the opportunity to take part in a workshop called ‘The ten components of the thinking environment’ with Servane Mouazan. I wasn’t sure what to expect – I didn’t feel like I had any particular difficulties thinking, and questioned whether this was an effective use of my time. I was wrong to doubt. What I experienced in the hour will have a lasting, positive impact – on me, those around me and the relationships I build in the future. This was fascinating, thought provoking, engaging and good fun. Thank you Servane – I am truly grateful for everything you shared with us. ~Davina Beattie – Business Transformation Director, The Hive Consultancy.

Past Events

Time to Think Foundation Course 21 and 22 May 2024 - for group facilitators, chairs, board members and team leaders

May 2024: Time to Think Course

Are you a chair, or a member of, a steering team, a board, a campaigning group or an investment committee?

Do you want to discover how to transform your group’s interactions save time, reduce conflict & misunderstanding, and create clarity, bond and innovation? Join the Time To Think Foundation course on May 21st & 22nd 2024 to develop and deepen your generative attention. Through the course, you will be able to embrace different perspectives in a way that fosters deeper listening, collaboration, and better decision-making. When: 21 and 22 May 2024 – 9:30 am to 4 pm UK BST (with plenty of breaks) Where: Online Cost: £776 Register here for more information and to book

Applied coaching skills for team leaders Can you get wisdom from your team or board without intrusive advice? Amplify your boards and team's generative presence - Workshop for Interbnational Coaching Week - 14th may 2024 12pm - 1opm UK BST - Book your spot on https://tinyurl.com/TTT-council-for-leaders

May 2024: Get valuable insights from a team without being given unsolicited advice

For #InternationalCoachingWeek, I ran a  Time To Think Council experiment that enabled a presenter to collect wisdom from a circle of supporters to solve a problem, although without being given advice or told what she should do… We discovered how the power of independent thinking and story telling can contribute to shape and share information that is useful, precise, informed, and relevant. We learned how to structure a powerful conversation that draws out the best thinking from everyone involved. The Time To Think Council offers an effective way that allows for the wisdom of the group to make its way unintrusively into the solution-focused process of one person.

Applied futures Thinking Skills Workshop with Esmee Wilcox and Servane Mouazan - Greenwashing

April 2024: Can Futures-Thinking help tip greenwashing on its head?

Supported by hosts Esmee Wilcox and Servane Mouazan,  we took the audience to discover how to: – Start challenging greenwashing by shaping a breakthrough conversation – Use a futures-thinking game to challenge Greenwashing through unlikely partnerships – Cultivate empathy, courage and curiosity to influence mindsets – Explore complex questions as a Thinking Environment

Futures Thinking Polarisation RSA Servane Mouazan

March 2024:  Can Futures-Thinking Help Reduce Polarisation?

Join this interactive applied futures-thinking skills session in person, in London  UK, with an audience of people working in social impact, inclusion and sustainability. We discovered how to – Generate insightful and provocative ideas  through a collaborative futures-thinking game – Cultivate deep presence, adaptability and curiosity – Start handling conflict by thinking on the edge of what’s possible

Thinking Partnership Course 2024 - Servane Mouazan - Conscious Innovation

February-March 2024

Learn to think independently and help others do the same with this new 3-Day Thinking Partnership Course, on Feb 27, 28 and 26 of March 2024. Developed by Nancy Kline and Time to Think, the Thinking Partnership is a 1:1 approach that helps individuals think more clearly, creatively, and independently, without interruption.

July 2023 – What does ‘good’ look like? Master the art of appreciation for driving growth In this rapid-fire 25-minute lunchtime learning session, executive leadership coach Servane Mouazan and marketing leader Diane Perlman discussed the art and power of appreciation and its impact on allyship, building high-performance teams, and business growth. People learned how to

  • use radical listening and communications skills to hear and understand people and ideas
  • build appreciation skills and learn to flex that muscle
  • understand how appreciation can lead to better outcomes for individuals, teams, ideas, and business growth overall

Empowering Futures Conference 14-16 June Turku Finland

June 2023 – Special session: “Time to think: Experiment Generative Futures-Thinking”

CONFERENCE: EMPOWERING FUTURES Long-term Governance, Democracy and Futures Research

There is an urgent need for long-term futures-thinking in order to sustain possibilities for alternative and creative solutions to complex crises and empower futures. For the next Futures Conference, we will gather in Turku to discuss the futures of democracy, trust, power, and sustainability, which are tightly connected to these crises.

Servane’s interactive session invited the audience to discover how a Thinking Environment is a prerequisite for engaging in Futures-Thinking with rigor, imagination, and elegance. Together, we explored how we can think well on our own and with a group, grow authentic human connections and modes of interactions that generate the finest thinking to explore uncertain and complex horizons. https://futuresconference2023.com

Applied Coaching Skills - reduce tensions and increase clarity and drive on your board? 12 May 12pm to 1pm UK BST OnlineAre you seeking to increase clarity, wisdom and drive on your board?

In this interactive workshop, Servane guided the audience through a few applications of the Thinking Environment, a unique approach used to tackle problem-solving, reduce conflict and find creative answers to questions dominating your board, from the most basic to the most complicated. Through this process: – People make space for innovative board participation and for authentic and inclusive communications. – The team improves its capacity to interact well, collaborate, grow and learn, at whichever stage they are at and whatever the format (1-2-1, meetings, workshops). Past participants said that through this approach, they’d strengthened and maximised their governance brief without holding themselves back and made the whole board experience more enjoyable and insightful.

Applied Coaching Skills

Can coaching skills elevate yourleadership abilities?

In this live session, Servane Mouazan and Diane Perlman unpack a management challenge around team management, progression and communication and show you how coaching techniques can work in real-time. Come and think along and share what you notice! Listen to the recording here.

older white woman profile, wearing earrings loops

27 March 2023 – In person – What if you could see yourself in a new future world? During this interactive session, we looked for signals, which are micro-stories that hint at where the world could be heading in the future. Then participants met their future self, discovering how their values and actions might turn out in that future, and what the consequences will be for them and the world. This free, in-person, interactive session was facilitated by Servane Mouazan, Foresight Impact Champion, Futures-Thinker & Time To Think Coach.

From Conflict to Future Strategy - Discovery Session 13 March 2023 Zoom March 2023 – “From Conflict to Future Strategy” Online Event Can you afford to have your strategic work spoiled by the burden of conflict? In this new House of Trust discovery session, we explored avenues to understand how conflict can spoil your strategic work and what you can pragmatically do to change this. This Discovery session is a taster of the deeper work I deliver with individual teams and groups, before they engage in a new strategy piece. Drop the goal: Create your personal 2023 foresight report session January 2023 “Drop the Goals: Create your Personal 2023 Foresight Report” IN PERSON EVENT We started the year with this in-person interactive foresight session in Central London with other people working in social impact, inclusion and sustainability.

We used scenarios and quick games to help participantd reframe, rethink, reimagine and redesign their personal guiding principles and storylines for 2023 in a space full of ease, surprises and appreciation, yet free of judgment and interruption.

How to tame imposter Syndrome and Free up your potential November 2022 – “How to tame #ImposterSyndrome & Free up Your Potential?” Participants in this #wayfinding session learned how to

  • Understand the multiple faces of “imposter syndrome”, according to studies and through the nuances of the participants’ own lived experiences
  • Recognise its impact in life and at work
  • Separate themselves from the “imposter story”
  • Support self and others who show signs of imposter syndrome
  • Plan sustainable next steps

superpowerful or powerless - futures thinking session October 2022 – “Foresight session: do you feel Superpowerful or Powerless about that future?” Do you invest in social and environmental change and are intrigued about a particular topic in the future? In this in-person interactive session at The Conduit London, participants tested their personal approach to thinking through a specific future, got an activation tool, and understood how to bring people along who might have a different attitude to it. October 2022 – “Feeling Imposter Syndrome- What’s next?” What is imposter syndrome really, how can you manage it and what is the one tool you can use to start unlocking your potential? An interactive wayfinding event for conscious innovators, leaders, and impact investors, in-person, at The Conduit London. October 2022 – “How to maximise your board’s collective intelligence?” During this event with our Conscious Innovation partner Karen Leigh Anderson, we found out how we could:

  • Increase bond and trust between people on our board
  • Strengthen your foundations for much better collaboration
  • Bring people along to work towards a common goal.

What happens when you remember the future?

August 2022 – Foresight Thinking Sessions in the House of Trust

During these interactive foresight sessions, participants from all over the world explored a process to gain clarity and insights around complex topics and building on their collective intelligence.
  July 2022 – Foresight Session: Get artefacts from the future. During this interactive foresight session in person at The Conduit, participants made ways for independent thinking, sensemaking and storytelling, sourcing artefacts for the future

House of Trust Boost your Team Engagement through the art of appreciation

June 2022 – “Boost your Team Engagement through the Art of Appreciation” During this session, participants discovered how the art of “appreciation” can uncover unique talents, traits and strengths and boost a team’s engagement. May 2022  “From Fear to Foresight. How to Use (and Trust) your Listening Skills to Create a Kinder Future” During this 90 min learning session, participants discussed empathy and communication skills that ignite a culture of care, kindness, and allyship, and are at the service of the impact they want to create.


April 2022 – “How to activate genuine allyship in your social investment organisation?” An interactive think-in session with guest Mathu Jeyaloganathan, Head of Investments at UnLtd.

  • During this 60 min interactive facilitation, participants Immersed themselved in a Thinking Environment, to surface blocks and beliefs that are getting in the way Learned a replicable approach to generate great independent thinking and dismantle assumptions Created practical steps to activate genuine allyship in their own setting. In a safe, equal, and respectful environment, free of judgment and interruption.

March 2022“What does it mean for Social Finance Professionals to #breakTheBias?”

On International Women’s Rights Day, we offered a 1-hour “Think-in” group session in the House of Trust for social investors, to reflect on how to #BreakTheBias.
Participants had the opportunity to reflect on their own assumptions, biases and obstacles in a safe, attentive, equal and encouraging space, with no interruption.

February 2022 – “Develop your listening skills to convene your community” During this 90 minutes workshop, participants experimented with new tools to develop listening skills to convene their social impact community, grow trust and psychological safety.** January 2022 – “Drop your Cement Coat and “Arrive” During an interactive step-by-step process, participants learnt to

  • understand how they approach and think about Trust
  • identify what they will need to let go of and
  • map what they intend to take with them in the next 12 months to increase Trust


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