Beliefs and Values

I believe in the infinite power of your imagination, your sense of connectedness and audacious insights. Sometimes these do not come to the surface easily. For various reasons. And this is the reason why I focus on providing you with a safe and creative space for you to explore and assemble your ideas and design actions which will help you move forward.

I love the power of words, silence, expression, reflection and non-interruption. These are tools that we should all access and share in our own way. I believe that stretching these moments where you and others can finish their thoughts and own creative process saves time and resources over time.

I believe in the joy and the learning found in the smallest moments, and the collective elation of the biggest impacts…

I believe in your power to engage within and outside yourself to create powerful breakthroughs and walk your path towards a sustainable new horizon.

I look forward to supporting you in your next steps, as you develop yourself, your team and your community.



Having a coach is normally a big thing- a way to set off time to reflect and consider the best options to move ideas forward. My sessions with Servane have been so much more than that. This has been the space where I have been safe enough to dig deep, reconsider my barriers and really move forward on my strengths. I am leaving with my hands over my head, with a clear plan. Incredible work, thank you!

Ann-Sofie Jespersen | WorldBank | Egypt

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