Be & Think in the House of Trust


How do you show up when you want to invest in Social Change?

Welcome to my new podcast: Be and Think in the House of Trust.

Every week I’m sharing a moment with an inspiring leader who loves to invest in social and environmental change, and together we’ll take the time to think about the conditions and the behaviours that help you trust and collaborate, deliver on your strategy, and fulfil your impact mission.

In this series, we’ll be exploring themes such as confidence, empathy, ownership, and cultural differences – all the topics that actually contribute to igniting a positive impact.

In short, it’s about how we can tell one another and the planet: “you matter”.

Settle in and enjoy the show from your favourite podcast platforms!

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In this episode, I am exploring the concept of equity in the context of social finance. I also examine the word “equity” itself, revealing its meaning of fairness, and justness, but also calm and tranquillity! Discover my previous guest Erika Brodnock’s 2033 vision for a future where equity has materialized. In this future, entrepreneurs from […]
In this episode of Be & Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to Dr Melanie Rieback CEO/Co-founder of Radically Open Security (the world’s first not-for-profit computer security company), and “Post Growth” startup incubator Nonprofit Ventures. She lectures on Post-Growth Entrepreneurship at the Free University of Amsterdam, where she also was Assistant Professor of […]
In this episode of “Be and Think in the House of Trust”, I am listening to Dr Belinda Bell, a social finance specialist turned social entrepreneur, and academic, who has dedicated her career to social change. She began working with community finance organisations to provide capital for entrepreneurs creating a positive impact. Over time, after […]
How do you reframe your worldview, putting the environment before people, people before profit, and the collective before the individual? In this episode of Be and Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to Temuera Hall, Portfolio Manager at TAHITO, an indigenous ethical investing organisation. Applying ancestral Māori knowledge, Tahito follows a set […]
In this episode of The House of Trust podcast, I am listening to Leonardo Letelier, founder and CEO of Sitawi, Finanças do Bem; Executive Director at Endowments do Brazil; and also the co-founder of the Movement for a Donation Culture in Brazil, (Movimiento Para Uma Cultura de Doação”). Leonardo shares Sitawi’s founding journey and how […]
In this episode of Be and Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to Ana Yang, the Sustainability Connector. Ana is the Executive Director of the Chatham House Sustainability Accelerator, a major initiative to increase the speed, financing, and scale of the transition to a sustainable, inclusive future. Ana Yang sees herself as […]
In this new episode of Be and Think In the House of Trust, I am listening to sustainable investment specialist and Board member Amanda Latham. As the director of sustainable investment at IFM Investors and also a trustee at Age UK, Amanda shares her dedication and systems approach to learning about and contributing to the […]
Let’s talk about power, trust, and effective collaborations… In this episode of Be and Think in the House of Trust, I am welcoming Shivani Gupta from India and Laura Somoggi from Brazil, the new co-CEOs of the Womanity Foundation, a philanthropic organization that works to accelerate gender equality. Together we discuss the recipe for a […]
What if investing with a gender lens, and in a relevant way, could mean more impact and returns than we think? In this episode of Be and Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to gender-smart investor Evelyne Dioh Simpa. Evelyne is the Managing Partner of WIC Capital, the first investment fund in […]
Does Impact Finance Make You Uncomfortable? In this episode of Be & Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to Aunnie Patton Power, an Academic, Advisor, Author, and Angel Investor (5 As!) who directs innovative financing to organizations that create a positive social and environmental impact. She is a reformed M&A investment banker, […]
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