What could you explore with a Conscious Innovation thinking partner and strategist, who loves to invest in and amplify social change?

The short story

In the past 20+ years,  I have encouraged, connected, coached and developed individuals, staff and boards of businesses that invest in social change across sectors, and helped them co-design experiences and social change programmes that transform people’s worlds.

I  have worked with 10,000+  women in leadership and I am grateful for my technical and human experience as a Bcorp leader, a board member, and an advisor to social enterprises.

People say I bring partnering, experimentation and intimacy to complex tasks and create a space where you can be fully yourself and you are met where you’re at.

8 Reasons Why We Could Partner

1. For over 20 years, I enjoyed being a social business leader, a social change activist, and CEO of Ogunte CIC, the organisation amplifying and connecting women in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, one of the first 50 UK B corps. It means you can benefit from my in-depth conscious innovation and intersectional leadership development experience.

2. I bring 2 decades of coaching (ICF PCC and mentor coach) and team facilitation experience from grassroots to board level.[1]  This means I help people think independently for themselves, be mindful of the collective good, and generate actions that serve the best possible outcomes.

3. Through my interventions across sectors, from civic society, and smart Social Finance networks, to my consulting experience for Central Government, I have equipped professionals to go the extra mile, be more visible, experiment with different systems-thinking, agile and creative approaches, and embed human rights and equality frameworks in their products and operations. I believe everybody has a role to play in creating a world that tells people “You matter”.

4. I loved creating the first incubator for women in social enterprises in the UK. The programme started in London and Manchester and pivoted online in the early 2010s when a lot of people were still uncomfortable dialling in for group conversations over the phone… With global mentors and entrepreneurs, we supported 250 women from Jamaica to Japan and learned a lot about women’s lived experiences. We changed the participants’ perception and behaviour around finance, we helped them make sense of the investment ecosystem. They successfully applied their new insights to their fundraising and business development.

5. As a board advisor and consultant for various social innovations / green ventures, women’s sector organisations and arm-length bodies[2], I listen carefully to everyone around the table, ensure users’ voices are represented and bring in probing questions… Together we explore, we dare, and we save time.

6. As a trained foresight practitioner, I facilitate Futures-Thinking action-learning sessions that help people imagine and make sense of what could be, for good and for worst. As a result, my clients can generate inclusive, empathetic strategies and bring everyone along on a mission.

7. My ecosystem management experience as the director of the Womanity Award (Womanity Foundation): I have invested in and coached innovative south-to-south partnerships that adapted successful programmes to prevent gender violence. Investees and stakeholders appreciated my connections, learning challenges and evidence-based support. It helped them extend their reach and build stronger ventures.

8. I love to communicate and therefore use my 5 languages (French, English, Dutch, Br Portuguese and Spanish) to connect, speak at, curate and moderate conferences and panels.

Email me for my full CV and credentials.

ICF Member BadgeICF PCC

[1] As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach (Results Coaching Systems, powered by the Neuroleadership Group; Certified in Conflict Management Coaching – Cinergy Method; Certified as a Thinking Environment Coach, member of the Time To Think Collegiate; and a member of the International Coaching Federation. A certified Agile DSDM programme manager and Design Sprint mentor. Certified Business Advisor for Social Enterprises. Certified Mental Health First Aider.

[2] Board & Steering Group experience: British Council Inclusive Communities Advisory Group, Women in Social Finance, Minca Ventures, TechPixies, Meetoo, PurpleShoots, AgentAcademy, Match International Women’s Fund, The Next Billion, European Women’s Lobby, Global Action Plan International, Imperial College Climate KIC challenge, The People Who Share, SheEo Ventures, Women4 Solutions (B Women), Social Enterprise London, etc

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