Some Case-Studies & Testimonials

I work at the intersection of

  • Philanthropic programming
  • Inclusion
  • The gender lens
  • Social finance
  • Tech for good

I love to create experiences and opportunities for people to think independently together about a common purpose, simultaneously growing futures-thinking skills, servant leadership, well-being, team collaboration, strategy and governance and unusual prospects.

Here are some examples of my work with individuals and groups:

Community-centred learning

To help philanthropic foundations, investors and angels understand their stakeholders better, and design more relevant support and finance programmes, I create a space where different parties manage to brainstorm and co-create thinking roadmaps.

I use a Thinking Environment™, incisive questions, rapid prototyping sessions, futures-thinking scenarios and story-telling methodologies to get the best creative and learning attitudes as well as robust critical thinking, out in the open.

I encourage teams to invite people to the design table, who are most likely to be affected by the issues they are attempting to solve. I also help them with sourcing these guests.

Using open innovation principles, my approach helps teams – and their guests, clients or people at the fringe of their network – to create a respectful, inclusive and insightful working space. I encourage clients to reflect on the perception of their work and help them make decisions collectively and communicate their purpose, visions and goals differently.


Clients gain innovative philanthropic programming insights and improve their strategy design.

Team members say they have developed their leadership skills, public speaking skills and ability to develop and share their message with users at the core.

Teams said they reconnected with their intrinsic values and purpose and feel better equipped to serve their service users.

Clients (selection): Women in Social Finance, The Social Investment Consultancy, Kering Foundation, The Equality Impact Investing Project.

Thinking Through Governance and Recruitment 

“Last year, I had the pleasure to work with Servane on a recruitment process for a critical role at Womanity. She was not only responsible for helping to shape the process but also for carrying the largest part of the workload – bringing a short list of candidates for the final stages.”

Outcomes: “She managed the process brilliantly from beginning to end with a clear understanding of the needs of the organisation and the profile we were looking for. Her years of experience as a coach brought another level of expertise which helped immensely. She worked as a critical thinker that was by my side and helped me to ask myself what was really needed and why. Also, her coaching approach helped me to go deeper in the analysis of the candidates vis-a-vis both mine and Womanity’s working styles.

I’d definitely work with Servane again not only as a recruiter but also as a coach and critical friend. Her ability for analysis, reading situations and asking the right questions can bring invaluable insights for different organisational processes.”

Client: Laura Somoggi – Co CEO Womanity Foundation – Philanthropy

Jenny Andersson Quote - If you want creative inut into your thinking, if you want to be robustly challenged to achieve change, Servane is the coach for you

Multi-stakeholders approach

As Womanity Awards Program Director, I designed and implemented an award programme investing in an ecosystem preventing online violence against women (Mexico – Meso America), through the replication of innovative models and ideas, in other global settings. I also managed a previous award programme partnership on masculinities (US-Brazil-Lebanon);

My work consisted in providing award winners with ongoing innovation coaching, technical assistance, mentoring, campaigning and media strategy support; she engaged with current and new stakeholders to disseminate partners’ achievements and secured new opportunities for them through global corporate partnerships.
As a keen convener, I organised spaces for organisations to meet and learn from each other during global online and offline events with partners such as Global Tech Women, OECD, OuiShare, Hogan Lovells LLP, Women’s Forum.
I created the ICTforWomanity network, in order to leverage ICT, digital security, and media/tech production to prevent violence against women.


  • Participants gained further investment opportunities
  • They increased technical business and communication skills
  • They boosted their campaigning outreach, improved their message and brand outreach
  • In addition, team members felt understood, seen, and able to participate

Clients: The Womanity Foundation, Abaad, Promundo, Luchadoras, SiempreVivas Collective, Association for Progressive Communications, VivaTech.

Social Finance amplification

To introduce newcomers in the social finance space, I designed an immersive coaching programme in which participants learned key steps to becoming Activist Angels for Social Entrepreneurs.

Staff from various departments attended the learning programme. I coordinated a follow-up mentoring platform to enable Zolfo Cooper staff to work alongside a selection of Social Entrepreneurs, as mentors, advisors and connectors.

Zolfo Cooper foundation decided to make micro-loans for social entrepreneurs.

Outcomes: “I learnt a whole new world of managing growth to scale whilst coping with significant day-to-day challenges and realities for entrepreneurs. It really helped that my investee is so energetic and open to new ideas and input.”

Example: As a participant in the programme, Social Entrepreneur Elisicia Moore grew Petit Miracles Interiors, received IT material from Zolfo Cooper, and supported by her angel, the venture founded and supervised a whole pop-up marketplace in West London, for arts and crafts start-ups.

Client: Zolfo Cooper


Coaching Feedback Ryna Sherazi- International Fundraising Consultant

Talent and leadership development

In the context of The Amex Leadership Academy UK, I was brought in to coach and develop the leadership skills of a cohort of emerging leaders in the not-for-profit sector, who have already shown strong evidence of their ability in their respective fields. Coachees included the Head of International Engagement at the National History Museum, the Head of Marketing at the National Theatre, and several members of staff in the Human Resource department at Macmillian Cancer Research, among others.

Outcomes: Participants gained…

  • Innovative and robust strategies to develop a career,
  • A better understanding of one’s talents and how to best promote them.
  • The validation that it is time to make a change at a different level
  • The confidence to apply for new positions internally or externally

Clients: American Express | Common Purpose


Using technology with humans in mind

Designing “for” clients as opposed to “with” stakeholders can have a strong negative impact. I support businesses in using a wide range of technologies and approaches that have the underpinning rule that people will be part of the design process AND the solution, rather than just “being told”.

I bring the Design Sprints methodology, the Minimum Valuable Service and Google Venture approaches, alongside the Thinking Environment™ philosophy.

Outcomes: I would describe the event as a truly authentic event where you can learn a lot with impact in such a short space of time and walk away with clear actionable items to improve your design processes and work culture.” ~ Hope Chauland, Airfinity.

Design with humans in mind- Workshop

Supporting innovators and impact leaders to think independently

“I was recently given the opportunity to take part in a workshop called ‘The Ten Components of the Thinking Environment’ with Servane. I wasn’t sure what to expect – I didn’t feel like I had any particular difficulties thinking, and questioned whether this was an effective use of my time.

Outcome: I was wrong to doubt. What I experienced in the hour will have a lasting, positive impact – on me, those around me and the relationships I build in the future. This was fascinating, thought-provoking, engaging and good fun. Thank you Servane – I am truly grateful for everything you shared with us! ~Davina Bettie

“I have just spent some time working through my thoughts with the amazing Servane Mouazan. Such a wonderfully refreshing and grounding process. I highly recommend reaching out to her if there’s something that you are struggling to unravel or if you just need to filter out the muck to get some clarity. Glorious!  ~Gemma Aston

Client: The Hive Consulting

Feedback - Thinking Partnership session - Gemma Aston The Hive Consulting


Convincing people to trust your plans for the future and invest large resources in you is not a given.

MyGoodness is a marketplace that helps raise funds for great causes, through extraordinary experiences. Servane helped them pitch for investment.

Outcome: They learned to communicate their business in a “community-centred” way, and reassure investors of their capacity to manage a multi-stakeholder platform.

Client: MyGoodness


Servane enabled Tech for Good entrepreneurs to use reverse coaching techniques and a human-centred approach when managing donors and peers’ relationships. In the safe space of community conferences such as Internet Freedom Festival, Mozfest, RightsCon and TechInclusion, these sessions offered an opportunity for participants to think independently for and as themselves and gain clarity.

Outcome: Maximised collaborations with peers. Increased funding opportunities for participants. Amplified confidence and leadership.


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