Did you pay for more stress?

So you paid for more stress??

Whether you are in a transition between two positions or engaging your organisation in a new strategic journey, you don’t need an advisor, consultant, or supporter to add more stress to your existence.

Once in transition, I found myself in silly conversations that were adding so much stress to my experience that they increased my anxiety levels. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. It felt like a series of micro-aggressions.

You don’t need this when you are looking for a new job

You don’t need that when disruption, conflict, or a pandemic is dumped in the midst of your work.

I certainly don’t want to do that to others.

Fear Free Conversations

Everything we need when we start our transition should be embedded into a fear-free conversation where there’s a lot of listening, pauses, empathy and acknowledgements, alongside calm and detached observations.

It is not about “how to”, not yet.

It is more about “what do you notice?”

And for this, you need to have a bit of thinking time.

Ready for Creation

This extra stretch of time that we take at the start helps with the shifting of perceptions, this helps with orientation and navigation in the future.

This investment in time and attention makes us “save time” eventually and ensures our thoughts find a “nest”.

Ready for creation.

Ready for the practical part of the transition.

What’s your experience?

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