Have you got a self-care mantra?

The Brazilian martial art Capoeira teaches us a simple way to take stock, grow and develop. Since the late 1990s, I have looked for ways to train and learn as much as I could – within Capoeira and in life – in order to find four elements in the same place, at the same time.

My Capoeira master shared these with me:

  • Focus,
  • (self-) Control
  • Balance
  • Timeliness

I have used these at times when I had difficulty making a business – or a life- decision.

I have used these when I wasn’t sure if what I did at Ogunte or the partnerships I was co-running mattered at all.

Learning to fall

Today again, I read some words in an email – they probably weren’t written to hurt me but they negated a piece of work that had been done, the dedication and the care put into it.

These words ended up sweeping the ground under my feet.

I stumbled.

I thought my feet had been grounded, solidly anchored and confident. I didn’t expect to be that fragile!

But I fell.

I learned that either way, nothing is permanent.

That we are not all strong or weak- or that whatever in between- simultaneously.

Capoeira helps me realign my thoughts and actions.

I learn to fall so that I can learn to stand up again.

What is your self-care mantra?

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