House of Trust Survey Insights

When we entered the House of Trust… we listened to you.

We talked to people investing – in many shapes or forms- in social change, who want to grow their impact but feel “Trust” issues are affecting their progress.

Here’s what the early findings show:

1. Where lack of Trust becomes an issue, people specifically struggle with

  • Living in a “crisis” mode
  • Difficulty to focus on the “here and now”
  • Prioritising
  • Emotional fatigue

2) Trust is not appearing out of thin air. People are hungry for

  • Ease
  • Attention
  • And Encouragement


3) We found out that to bring more inner trust and increase trust around them, people feel they need to:


  • Learn to live in and appreciate the NOW
  • Stabilise their emotions
  • And have the courage to flourish…

4) They feel this will enable them to

  • Generate learning and personal growth pathways
  • Allocate the right resources, at the right place and at the right time
  • Shape genuine effective and simple collaborations

The question is… How do we do this?

Do YOU fancy thinking independently on a topic of your choice?
Understand how to stabilise your thoughts,
Feel more ease and
Ignite your personal and community impact?

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