House of Trust – Survey

This year, I am exploring the notion of trust through a series of interactive events and personal reflections.

Alongside peers and associates, I want to help people and organisations understand how their internal and external Trust factors influence their ability to function and to make an impact.

So I am looking for people investing in social change (social finance providers, angels, entrepreneurs, intermediaries), who want to grow their impact but feel “Trust” issues are affecting their progress.

Is that you?

This is where you step in. I need you to tell me what you think and not hold back (There is a reward at the end!)

I would love your unedited opinion about how Trust stands between you and the bigger social impact you could make, as someone who invests in social change, through your enterprise, your support activities or social finance investments. I want to understand what you feel is working, and what isn’t…

Your confidential (uncensored) thoughts and (raw) feedback will help me create a unique experience for this year’s programme:

The House of Trust

Can you fill out this 3-minute survey? I’ll enter you into a raffle (see, I told you there’s a prize for your time)

Dark Purple card - House of Trust Survey - Prize inside - Servane Mouazan Conscious Innovation Logo

Am giving away… not an amazon voucher, no… Much better than that…

By filling out this survey before Sunday 23d of January 23:59 (wherever you are in the world) you have a chance to win a 1-1 60 min Conscious Innovation coaching session to identify liberating thoughts to these potential Trust blocks and adapt your impact strategy.

This reward session will be a full hour where you can think independently on the topic of your choice. It could be about how to align your imagination, trust levels and resources, and understand how you could shift to make this happen…. This and more. Together we’ll create a space for you to ignite your thinking.

If you win, you’ll hear from me on January 25th 2022

Answer this short set of questions now to win >>>

By the way, your odds are looking good…

Thanks in advance. Here’s to you!


Oh, and… what do you think of this quote?

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”

― Maya Angelou

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