How a simple value exercise can help you shape a new vocabulary to activate your next steps

When you experience misalignment and/or a sense of disconnect, re-assessing your core values, far from being a waste of time, can be the opportunity to re-invent yourself.


It’s true that incompressible pressures like life-limiting health conditions and financial imperatives are roadblocks that prevent some people to implement their values to the extent they would like to.

Other barriers to expressing your core values are rooted in various fears, limiting beliefs, expectations, and the impression that you have to do either this or that (without envisaging the third option).

Feeling pigeon-holed and not confident enough to disagree with people in positions of power, is another obstacle.

Or if you’re working across different consulting contracts on different topics, you feel your energy, focus and enjoyment spread too thinly.

Worse, burn-out or work overload can result in a lack of clarity and focus.

And when this and all of the above happen, it affects your decision-making ability.


By clarifying what your core values are, you learn to “reconnect” with yourself and also make sense of what’s going on in and around you.

But importantly, you give yourself the opportunity to create and own a vocabulary that reflects these values.

This vocabulary is like a bridge. It helps you articulate what you hold dear in ways that people understand and connect to.

It helps you:

  • gain focus
  • assess whether a piece of work aligns with your core values
  • ensure these inner values have space and bandwidth to show up, are acted on and not just thought about!


When you are able to do that, here’s what you gain:

  • You feel a sense of fulfilment and purpose in your life. Even thin, or short, these thinking waves are fuelling your ability to activate new projects or make life-changing decisions.
  • If you are looking for your next role, you use the lens of your values to find a position that is better aligned to those values and which you enjoy. When you introduce yourself during an interview, your authenticity shines through, you are there to show what you represent, not to please others.
  • If you are working on your own, you can shape a business development strategy that will enable you to “select” the types of clients you want and your ways of working.

“This lens will help me go forth, overcome my fears, be more confident, love myself more, be more assertive, braver and unlock my full potential.”

There is still time to take up the FREE mini-course “Uncover Your Hidden Values”, available until Friday June 18th. Set aside one hour of your time to clarify the lens with which you can shape your next steps.

Uncover your hidden values course

“I am able to ignite a fulfilling career path which is formed on some of the things I love the most and that make me happy”.


  • If you weren’t aware of this mini-course opportunity, gift yourself 1 hour of focus and clarity!
  • If you’ve started the course, complete it now to design your values “activation” with our support.
  • If you’ve completed the course, share this with a peer or a friend to start a valuable conversation and double-check you’ve activated your next steps!

Stay safe and well,


Director Ogunte CIC and Conscious Innovation

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