How I Switched on My Focus

From purpose-led to focus-less.

In 2001, living in The Netherlands, I established Ogunte, an organisation focused on women changemakers. It emerged out of my strong interest in creating social change through activism and entrepreneurship and my desire to help people with their conscious innovation journey. Taking the leap enabled me to find my purpose, building what I called the “Economy of Connectedness”.

Fast forward, in 2009, I believed I was the most connected person I could think of and yet, loneliness and isolation hit me personally. I was pregnant with my first child, in a relationship that had seen better times. Every day, coming back from practicing the job I loved, being in the house was grim and sad. When I was five months pregnant, my partner and I broke up. The inner strength that had been with me all these years, being an activist, a spokesperson for women in social business, suddenly vanished.

I felt extremely vulnerable.

Why am I telling you this story?

What was most frustrating and hurting was – beyond my relationship breakdown – my inability to focus and make robust decisions. The business crumbled, I had no revenue and couldn’t afford to pay the rent of the house. With a baby on its way, I found myself on the verge of homelessness. I could help thousands of women make decisions, but I was suddenly incapable of taking care of myself.

I was experiencing the inability to make decisions that connected me to my future, the future of my child, and the future of the work I was doing. This was my big disconnect, my own economy of loneliness.

After a few weeks of going in circles, a friend hacked into my isolation issue. She arranged some logistics, which enabled me to get my sleep back. Just as I used to do with my clients, which were all women in social enterprises, I started brainstorming, imagining again. I adopted a beginner’s mindset and started playing with ideas. I challenged my fixed outlook on “what I was supposed to do” and, instead, I started experimenting. I explored my patterns, my strengths, I asked for help, and started prototyping change.

Importantly, I adapted and connected the outside world to my body and soul.

I felt that as I was adapting to new ways of working and being, I needed to embrace new attitudes, but also build a new database of feelings linked to these new attitudes and skills.

By doing so I could become more receptive to my needs, my strengths, but also the needs of the people around me, our champions, my customers, and the people I wanted to impact upon, even people who didn’t get what I did!

Switching on the focus

So I want to offer you, changemakers, impact leaders, professional women who feel the need to harness your purpose and switch on your focus – the opportunity to carve some time to reflect, narrow down your options and develop a clear and meaningful roadmap for the coming years.

Apply to this free beta course on how to Switch on Your Focus, running from February 22nd to March 21st, 2021, and share with your friends with a purpose, who could do with some focus switching too.

Switch On your Focus - Free Course Promo CardWhat we will do

In four weeks, you will get a step-by-step process to align your imagination with your resources, and create a focused purpose strategy:

You will learn how to:

  • Take control of restless feelings
  • Understand what your unique strength pattern is
  • Use the power of imagination
  • Build a simple strategy and timeline to activate your project
  • Package your offer in a way people understand
  • Finally, dare to tell the world about your focus


UPDATE: The registration for this course has now closed, but you can apply on this link too to be the first informed about the next iteration.

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