June O’Sullivan talks to Servane Mouazan – The Disruptor Interviews

For her Disruptor Interviews Series, June O’Sullivan, the Early Years Entrepreneur, interviews Servane, the CEO of Ogunte, a social business that has been amplifying the Women’s Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem since the early 2000s.

June O’Sullivan: What was your main motivation to carve your organisation with a social conscience?

Servane: There was no specific motivation; it just happened.

I grew up in Brittany, France, in a politically conscious family of left-wing social workers, teachers, artists, educators, people from the land. Many of them involved in the community and entrepreneurial by spirit, although not business owners. I left home to work abroad, studying for a  Dutch masters through distant learning – there was no Internet then – which is not the usual pathway to developing a social business. As a young person, I had had some vague wish to become a journalist. To me, it meant participating in helping people to learn and understand their context from different perspectives but also challenging them to see and understand other worlds and connecting them with each other.

Continue the interview here.
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