Leaders Circle

“Everyone’s thinking matters because getting everyone’s best thinking produces the best results”

~Nancy Kline


I love organising Leaders Circles with Impact leaders in a beautiful setting. I believe it is one of these rare insightful moments where we can convene around a table… I’ll tell you why…

There is something precious in being a thinking environment for one another.

No small talk, no urgency to reply, comment or approve, just the opportunity to be at ease with, and in support of, other leaders who, like you, might find themselves in transition.

Transitions bring all sorts of feelings, questions, noises and sometimes fear of heights. And each of us hates competing for the position of “who handles this the best”.

What would an ideal Leaders Circle gathering for your team, or  your team and some of your key stakeholders (partners, service users) look like if all could think at their best?

How does it work?

I turn your event into a Thinking Environment.

It means that through subtle applications which I discreetly facilitate, I invite you to embody the ten components that increase the generative nature of your group’s thinking.

You will produce deep connections, insights and powerful ideas in less time than usual and set practical follow-up actions or exploration.

This specific iteration is paired with a dinner/culinary experience.

You can book a one-off event or plan ahead for 4 Leader Circles – once in a quarter – in the year and a specific objective to convene your group around.

Get in touch  here with “Leaders Circle Inquiry” in the title and what you would love to accomplish with your group of people.

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