Now, what is important to YOU in the new year?

In 2020, my key theme was “Withdraw and Pivot”; In 2021, it became “Focus”; A focus to help others – and myself- steadily move towards a guiding star (others might call it “purpose”), one step at a time.

In 2022, I am stepping up to explore the vast topic of “Trust”.

Inner trust, trust in “The Other”, creating and holding spaces for trust, systemic trust.

I am aware it is a tool, a mechanism with a multitude of components, and an outcome too… It promises to be a lot to chew!

Now, what will be important to YOU and what will you let emerge gracefully in 2022?

Here are a few questions for reflection as you prepare for the new year:

  • How did you prioritize yourself, your actions and new people to connect with, this year?
  • What did you really learn from this experience?
  • How would you now describe the special strengths and values you are offering the world?
  • To what extent do you feel heard and seen now?
  • Who else needs to know about you and your accomplishments, starting from tomorrow?
  • What inner thought will help you sustain and grow your wins?
  • What are you assuming that is stopping you from reaching your next steps?
  • Based on the above, what do you commit to explore and how in the next 12 months?

Conscious Innovation - House of Trust - Coaching Questions

Want some love to help you think? Join us online for a live group thinking in ***The HOUSE of TRUST ***.

Get your sparkling beautiful new calendars and hold the date!
On January 18th, in this 60 minutes online workshop, we are inviting you to go through a fun interactive step-by-step process that will help you to:
– understand how you approach and think about Trust,
– identify what you will need to let go of and
– decide what you intend to take with you in the next 12 months.
Date: 18th January 2022
Time: 12:30 pm UK GMT ( 7:30 am New York – 2:30 pm Lebanon, 3:30 pm Kenya EAT)
Format: Online – Zoom

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