Be & Think in the House of Trust


How do you show up when you want to invest in Social Change?

Welcome to my podcast: Be and Think in the House of Trust.

In every episode, I’m sharing a moment with an inspiring leader who loves to invest in social and environmental change, and together we’ll take the time to think about the conditions and the behaviours that help you trust and collaborate, deliver on your strategy, and fulfil your impact mission.

We explore how to grow confidence, empathy… We discuss accountability,  ownership, futures-thinking, cultural differences and the mindset and aspirations that unite us, and more – topics that contribute to igniting a positive impact.

In short, it’s about how we can tell one another and the planet: “you matter”.

Settle in and enjoy the show from your favourite podcast platforms!

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How do you show up when you want to invest in Social Change? I’m Servane Mouazan, a lifelong passionate futures-thinking facilitator, executive coach, and angel in the global social economy. […]
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