Quiz: Are you ready to ignite your social impact career?

Many of us dream of making a positive impact in the world. But we are as strong as our ability to collaborate and communicate with one another, amplify imagination and turn ideas into actions.
And sometimes we get stuck, the message isn’t getting through, actions aren’t getting started… Does it ring a bell?
When crises, loss of purpose, adverse political contexts, life setbacks, or even new technology come along, you need a discovery-driven approach to reveal contradicting ideas.
Whether you are an individual or trying to solve something as part of a team.
This discovery helps you to focus, align, and deliver.
It is something that helps you amplify your potential to create influential, practical solutions and resources to meet social and environmental needs.
It is something that enables you to adapt the ways you operate and then you start changing many people’s lives for the better.

Check if you are ready for a discovery by taking this quiz now. http://bitly.ws/fuzi

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