Repairing or building new systems: Benita Matofska on the Sharing Economy

What does a world post-COVID look like? Meet Benita Matofska, expert on the Sharing Economy.
Before we move to a new system, we need to look at the old world’s leadership and infrastructure mistakes that created little opportunities for others, and envisage new ways to communicate and engage with each other. In this series, I ask global leaders about what constitutes “repairing” or “building a new” for them and suggestions on how to go about this repairing work.
Discover Benita Matofska, Speaker, Author and Sharing Economy Expert, Founder of The People Who Share UK.
She details how a sharing economy works, how we can build on love and trust to deploy the mechanisms of an economy that works for everyone.


Resource: read the book “Generation Share”

Discover more about Benita here

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