Repairing or building new systems: Caroline Dama on Education and a Green World

Meet Caroline Dama, Co-founder, Director, Green World Campaign Kenya and Grassroots Economics Foundation.
What does a world post-COVID look like? Before we move to a new system, we need to look at the old world’s leadership and infrastructure mistakes (health, race, social, gender inequalities, lack of accountability, racism, xenophobia, leadership that created little opportunities for others, lack of trust, negative social and environmental impact, etc), and envisage new ways to communicate and engage with each other. In this series, I ask global leaders about what constitutes “repairing” or building new systems for them and suggestions on to go about this work.

Caroline talks about education, paying attention to the legacy we leave to our kids.

“They are our letter to our future”.

She describes how to empower communities to take charge of their own livelihoods and economic future. She supports community development through economic empowerment, basic income and community currency programs. This type of programme is important as it benefits small businesses, people living in informal settlements as well as rural areas.

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