Repairing or building new systems? Marilyn Melhmann: Deep listening and doing

What does a world post-COVID look like?
In this series, I am asking leaders around the world about what constitutes “repairing” or building a new system for them and suggestions on how to go about this work. Today, I interview Marilyn Mehlmann, a psychosynthesis psychologist, and the co-founder of Legacy 17 Cooperative Association.
Legacy 17 is based in Sweden and active around the world. They focus on getting people to take part and deliver effective actions around sustainable development.
This includes looking at behavioural change, honing people’s skills, leadership, team building, anything as long as people get together to “do stuff”. Marilyn tells the story of how she crafted her guiding star through an envisioning exercise at Findhorn, the eco-village and spiritual community, many years ago and how this guiding star has guided her ever since.
Marilyn explains the difference between a goal and vision, how through collaborating with Warren Ziegler, she understood “ how every one of us carries within us multiple pictures of the future”, and the power of deep listening – listening in a totally non-judgmental way – to unlock these visions of the future (in general they come in three!). We discussed the differences of hope, toxic positivity, expectations and fear. The magic of attention and intention. Listen to discover the practical steps to help people build anew through envisioning!

Marilyn wrote about W. Ziegler and his methods in the book “A Transformative Edge’.
Find more info on Deep Listening in Legacy 17’s booklet ‘Learning for Change”.
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