Repairing or building new systems? Suki Fuller gives you the “3As”

What does a world post-COVID look like? Before we move to a new system, we need to look at the “old world’s” leadership and structural mistakes. In this series, I ask global leaders about what constitutes “repairing” or building anew for them and suggestions on how to go about this work. Meet Suki Fuller.
Suki’s mission is to elevate humanity and be of service to others, using technology as a conduit. She says: “The world is connected and we have to work together to build something new, not going back to a system that was only serving a minority at the expense of many. In the area of technology, the same tech can be used for good and for bad purposes; terminology is ambiguous, we need to pay attention to what we mean. The way power is distributed is also a problem and this needs to shift too.”
Suki suggests people can act concretely, adapt to change and influence change for good, by following the three A’s:
  • Challenge and Embrace the past to raise “Awareness”
  • Listen and Acknowledge in the present for “Advocacy”
  • Connect and Manage for future “Action”


She is a fellow at The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows, an Analytical Storyteller, and a Venture Capital Advisor, co-founder of the #FiftyFiftyPledge.
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