Repairing or building new systems? With Karen Leigh Anderson

What does a world post-COVID look like?

In this series, I ask social leaders about what constitutes “repairing” or “building new systems” for them, in a post covid world, and suggestions on how to go about this work in the complex contexts we are living in today.

In this episode, discover Karen Leigh Anderson, Business Advisor and Governance expert who has worked in social enterprise since 2002 across the UK from Jersey to Shetland. Rebuilding and repairing for Karen involves looking specifically at people’s and teams’ strengths.

“Social innovators operate in the gaps” and are “brave enough to hold the line and stick their heads up”. Karen explains how she helps them “building” using the Gallup Clifton Strengths.

Karen is currently helping entrepreneurs scale and grow and work on their legacy and impact with the Cambridge Judge Business School. She brings experience working in the private sector (starting in 1987), collaboration with business angels and social investors.

Discover the rest of the series on YouTube: “Repairing or Building New Systems”


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