VIDEO | Sensemaking: Lifting The Veil | Pandemic/Post-Pandemic Challenges

Grey Swan Guild Sensemaking Premiere | Lifting The Veil Pandemic/Post-Pandemic Challenges.

The Grey Swan Guild, a collective of future-thinkers, sense-makers and strategists, gathered some of its members for an in-depth sensemaking discussion on the pandemic & post-pandemic.

During this session, I joined futurist Alexandra Whittington, strategist Rob Salkowitz,  and innovator++ Sean Moffitt. I put my connector coat on again…!

Together we tore through & helped unravel 12 questions we likely all have on our minds, with evidence:

  • level of optimism as the year closes out
  • the biggest lasting problems & challenges
  • overlooked short & long term problems
  • damage to relationships
  • new pandemic lexicon & what they mean
  • beliefs holding firm and shaken
  • pandemic paradoxes
  • when is the new normal (when will we know it’s here, what will influence it & what do we call it) and
  • hope for the future

We’re calling it a Grey Swan Guild Sensemaking Premiere.

Find the eventual report here.

About the Grey Swan Guild:

The Grey Swan Guild makes sense of particular societal, cultural, economic, marketplace and workplace challenges for business leaders, policymakers, educators and curious others.

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