A Gift of Sensitivity and Growth: Reflections on the Mimosa Pudica Plant

Yesterday I saw a Mimosa Pudica plant for the first time and it “talked to me”…

What the Mimosa Pudica reminded me of: A Metaphor

The Mimosa Pudica is a sensitive plant that folds its leaves in response to touch or stroke. And as I got to know this… “being”, I got reminded of how we dance and breathe with people when we help them grow and develop, in a thinking partnership.
Just like the Mimosa Pudica, people are sensitive to feedback and change. In thinking partnerships, or when we are coached, or managed, we are given observations, sometimes feedback, on our ways of working, perceiving the world, or navigating challenges, and we are invited to step outside of our comfort zones. This can be a daunting experience, even seen as a predatory intrusion when done poorly. But, when done subtly, it is also an opportunity for growth.

Our Responsibility as Thinking Partners

But the interaction with the plant also reminded me of our responsibility as thinking partners. There are times when we should refrain from touching the plant, and instead offer a gentle breeze that could guide the plant to grow in a direction it wants to grow, and that serves it.

We Can’t Force Change

We can’t force change, but we can provide the support, the place and encouragement that is needed to help people remember that they matter and that there is hope and an avenue for growth.

Last night, the Mimosa Pudica reminded me, that we have the gift of:

🌿Sensitivity: Both the coaching approach and the Mimosa Pudica plant are sensitive to their environment. A coach needs to be sensitive to the needs of the thinker, and the Mimosa Pudica is sensitive to touch. And intrusion is not always appropriate.

🌿Growth: Both the coaching approach and the Mimosa Pudica are focused on growth. A coach helps the thinker to grow and develop, and the Mimosa Pudica grows, develops and reacts in response to its environment.

🌿Change: Both the coaching approach and the Mimosa Pudica are about change. A coach helps the thinker to ignite and sustain positive changes in their life, and the Mimosa Pudica changes, again, in response to its environment.

What do you now think?


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