VIDEO | The importance of food sovereignty for women farmers

Women farmers, in many parts of the world, are coming up with innovative ways to combat climate change and a global food system that needs fixing, by adopting agroecological food growing (without harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides) in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


In this video, Sandy McClure, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships at Global Greengrants Fund UK is interviewed by Servane Mouazan, social entrepreneur, CEO of Ogunte CIC, and steering committee member at Women in Social Finance. Sandy gives an overview and understanding of these Women farmers’ situation. She explains:

– The importance of food sovereignty – where local people have control over their own food production which is small scale, climate-resistant, healthy for people and healthy for the planet.

– How COVID has contributed to the importance of this topic for the communities most impacted by the multiple crises of the pandemic, food insecurity and environmental degradation.

– How Global Greengrants Fund works intersectionally work with women, indigenous peoples, youth, and people living with disabilities globally,

– Why systems change is needed to tackle Environmental and Social Justice.

About Sandy McClure

Sandy has 20 years of experience in the international development and human rights sector in project management and fundraising roles. She has worked for international NGOs such as Amnesty International, Action Aid, and Progressio, as well as local community organisations in Afghanistan, Nepal and the UK. Most recently Sandy worked for a grassroots environmental organization in London, running a campaign to reduce single-use plastics. She holds an M.A. in International Relations and International Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

About Servane Mouazan

Servane Mouazan is the founder of Ogunte CIC, a founding UK Bcorp, that connects and amplifies the Women Social Entrepreneurship’s ecosystem: women in social enterprises, social finance providers and campaigning organisations. Ogunte was the initiator of Make a Wave, the first incubator and growth readiness programme for women in social enterprises in the UK. For 20 years, Servane supported ca 8500 changemakers in LatAm, Europe and the MENA, managed and advised social innovation and gender-focused funds; supported social finance providers to develop positive and future-proof programming and intersectional strategies. A connector, futures strategist and angel in women-led social, green, tech-for-good organisations, Servane was named as one of the inaugural #WISE100 Women in Social Enterprises in 2017.


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