Dancing with Duality: learn from the calm & fire of climate-gender solutionaries, with Carey Bohjanen

In this episode of Be & Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to the calm and fiery Carey Bohjanen, founder of The Rallying Cry. Carey is a catalyst for Gender-Climate capital and she reflects on ways to become a truly relevant leader, as we all urgently need to uplift solutionaries – a lot of them are women – around the world, to fight climate change.


“Climate change and gender equality go hand in hand. With women representing more than 50% of the planet, it’s just absurd to me that they don’t get the capital they need.”

“I want to shift the voices of African women from the front lines of climate change to the forefront of climate leadership.”

“Complex problems require complex solutions, and complex solutions often come from a variety of voices, a variety of perspectives and lived experiences.”

“We cannot have climate resilience without personal resilience.”

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