How to Finance Social Justice with Servane Mouazan and Tara Sabre Collier

In a world where the concepts of freedom, justice, and democracy are not as common as we might hope, it becomes increasingly important to explore how we can contribute to these ideals through our actions and investments. Our latest podcast episode delves into this very topic, guided by the insightful words of James Baldwin and our House of Trust guest, Tara Sabre Collier.

Tara, a visiting fellow at Said Business School and Director of Impact Investing at Chemonics UK, shares her thoughts on what it takes to finance social and environmental justice. She challenges us to think creatively and to be more granular in our approaches to impact investing.

From impact bonds to microfinance loans, and blended finance, many financial instruments can be tailored to generate measurable impacts alongside financial returns.

But it’s not just about the money. It’s about who we are listening to, who we are supporting, and who we are inviting to the table. It’s about dismantling systemic barriers and promoting justice in all its forms. Tara cites the work of organisations like Adasina, Ujima Institute and Kheprw Institute, which empower under-resourced communities to finance their own growth outside conventional systems.

So, if you love to invest in social and environmental change, this episode invites you to ponder deeply and consider how you could apply more courage, boldness, and imagination to your work or practice. It’s not just about the impact investing sector; it’s about each of us asking ourselves what we can start doing differently to support and amplify social and environmental justice.

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