Investing with Compassion and Abundance with Bonnie Chiu

In this episode of Be & Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to Bonnie Chiu, a serial entrepreneur, advisor and impact investment specialist focused on challenging systems of inequalities. 

She is also the founder and managing director of The Social Investment Consultancy – a global network of consultants specialising in social impact measurement, social investment and diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. 

In this episode, Bonnie shares her story, why she is driven to challenge systemic inequalities in capital markets, and how she built her dream of investing in, and growing, social enterprises.  

From this conversation, we learn how dancing with systems, giving attention, and demanding equity, are avenues to show up when igniting social change.

Highlights from this episode: 

(02:08) Growing up in Hong Kong 

(08:52) Nothing is permanent 

(11:21) A guardian of dreams for others 

(16:41) The concept of scarcity in economics 

(18:58) Changing the world through protest 


Useful Links: 

Connect with Bonnie on Linkedin:

The Social Investment Consultancy



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