How Independent Thinking Helps You Be a Better Leader

I might know why a Time To Think Thinking Partnership Course would be a valuable learning experence for you… But I can’t (and won’t) think on your behalf so I will share how the Thinking Environment transformed my relationships and leadership, since i first got in touch with it in 2008.

And I will look at this change through the prism of the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment, which are elements that, when put together, help generate independent thinking.

  1. Attention: I am more present and pick up on verbal and non verbal cues of people around me. We connect deeply. (And connecting is the reason I get up in the morning)
  2. Equality:I understand the difference between “power over” and “power with”, which is liberating and supports good collaboration and partnerships.
  3. Ease: I don’t give a rats patoot about the injunctions of the external world: “faster, better, cheaper, more” doesn’t pollute my life anymore.
  4. Appreciation: Very selfishly, I love noticing what’s good in people. It gives me a buzz. When I appreciate people on the way they shine and how they show up, I understand how to work with them better and also they feel more seen and heard! Away with annoying “feedbacks”.
  5. Encouragement: Work and life collaborations are exponentially richer because of the encouragements we give each other. We are not pushing each other to death. Instead, we are much clearer about what’s right for us in a timely manner, with an uplifting purpose. No more imposter symdrome.
  6. Feelings: I accept my peers’ feelings and emotions as crucial information, I take the time to absorb them and this makes me a more precise and responsive manager/leader.
  7. Information: I acquired breakthrough techniques to sport and dismantle untrue limiting assumptions (including my own) which makes me reduce risks, spot opportunities and feel at ease with my decisions and actions.
  8. Difference: I embrace difference (which is the hardest work and still in progress. Every day brings a new challenge). I get out of my cosy world magnifier. My allyship has grown.
  9. Incisive Questions:I have always disliked small talk. With the thinking partnership approach, I use questions that cut through BS, and invite hope, courage, exploration, self awareness and empathy. (This is also a huge time saver)
  10. Place: Finally, I understand that if we want to make a difference in the world, we have an opportunity to create environments (physical spaces, our body, the way we welcome people) that say “You Matter”. Every minute counts. Every place counts.


Ten Components of a Thinking Environment (CR: Time To Think)A Thinking Partnership is one application of the Thinking Environment.  Do you want to discover how this can help you be a deeper, independent thinker and an exquisite listener?

During the Thinking Partnership Course on 27, 28 February and 26 of March 2024, we’ll experience what happens when we are given the space to think deeply, maybe more than before, on any topic.

We will also experience the unique transformation you can generate when you listen to ignite (not to reply)!

Does this resonate with you? There are only 3 spots left.

You can reserve your spot on the course here.

PS: Registrations are open until 31st of January

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