VIDEO | How neuroscience helps you adapt and be more resilient

Are you seeking solutions on how to “adapt” and be more resilient, internally as a leader, and externally, as you engage with others in your team or your community? In this conversation with Servane, Soraya Shaw, applied neuroscientist, executive coach, and behaviour change specialist, explains how the brain works ‪and how we can direct it to enhance our wellbeing and resilience.

About Soraya Shaw

Soraya Shaw MSc – Founder and Director Springboard Tribe & Springboard Coaching

As the founding brain and a future innovator, Soraya and her clients have a key thing in mind – they are inspired to create beneficial change through utilizing the amazing organ in their head – their brains. Coming from a communication and marketing creative agency background Soraya has worked with some diverse brains and knows the richness achieved through diversity, divergent thinking, agility and the belief in what you can be achieved. This mindset of learning to be our very best enables her clients to optimise their success, equipping them to take on life’s challenges as Soraya did three years ago, being one of only two people globally to successfully complete a new MSc in ‘Applied Neuroscience in Organisations’ aimed at experienced executives and professionals in a business environment.

An Accredited Executive Coach Soraya is one of the original founding members and past Association for Coaching board members. Soraya combines her neuroscience knowledge with the behavioural sciences and 18 years of coaching knowledge and experience. Commercially, her director-level B2B and B2C experience add an additional lens. Soraya has also researched and produced one of the first brain-based neuro-wellbeing strategies for the comms industry and the first brain-based coaching wellbeing assessment model and tool. Springboard’s neuroscience-based products include masterclasses, brain training, resilience and leadership programmes and bespoke consultancy offering a unique perspective from a progressive, curious and unconventional brain!

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