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Here’s what some peers came to the session with:

  • “I feel my social business is not serving me. I want to find a way to create more space in my life, my work, my relationships”
  • “I want to move away from crushing contradicting assumptions”
  • “I want to reflect on my high expectations”
  • “I want to be able to trust myself and others again”
  • “I wonder why I can’t motivate myself to write this book about our impact”

If you knew that you can make more space for trust, confidence, calm and reflection in your life, what would change for you?


Servane really open my eyes to things that I wasn’t expecting and that turned out to be one of our most important goals. How to understand the complexity of our stakeholders and help them to understand our business.
– MK – CEO Social Enterprise


To overcome challenges, a discovery-driven approach helps you gain clarity, focus and unlocks change.

This conscious innovation discovery uses the Thinking Environment™, an evidence-based approach that uses deep listening techniques, and elicits foresight, rigour and imagination.

Servane was fabulous and fun to work with, picking up immediately on my inner blocks. I’d highly recommend working with her if you are aiming to bring any sort of change or social impact, she will help you unearth your strength, confidence and focus to bring you the results you dream about!
– Mel Leitch – Corning Life Sciences.

The opportunity

I work with Impact+ entrepreneurs, angel investors, philanthropists, and global innovation networks leaders, who want to ignite their thinking, on a 1-2-1 basis or in teams.

Book yourself an individual 60 min session at £147, – and enjoy a 40% discount.

This price is valid until the 31st of January 2022, only. (*Normal price £249)

“Servane is someone who will help you to dig things up and help you to understand what you really want”


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About Servane

Passionate about equipping and connecting Social Impact Leaders, helping them to adapt their ways of working and being, to create a world that says to people “They Matter”.
As a senior leader in the social economy and a Thinking Environment practitioner, I have had the privilege to connect, invest in, advocate for and amplify the impact of thousands of women around the world (entrepreneurs, campaigners, C-suite team members, social finance providers).
Thanks to this experience, I have deepened my knowledge of a wide range of social, environmental, governance and cultural issues, and learned to co-create ways to mitigate them. I can’t wait to listen to you and create a space where you will ignite your thinking.

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