The Lie About Abundance

🌊The lie about “abundance” 🌊

I had the feeling that after running two businesses, starting a new one meant building an empire again, growing, and scaling, in order to be taken seriously, earning a good living and some awards along the way.

At the same time, I found the idea of having to follow the same track, doing, organizing, negotiating, begging, convincing, pitching, selling, most repulsive.

And holding these two concepts at the same time was exhausting.

And the word “Abundance” was left hanging.

One morning I thought: “I want to feel the truth that I could live in abundance with whatever I have, whatever I create.”

The word abundance comes from “ab” (=off, away from) and “undare” (=rise in a wave – from unda: wave).

“Stepping away from the wave”

That triggered this image:

I saw myself in front of the sea and abundance was no longer about being submerged. It was about sitting in front of the wave instead, observing it, and discerning if it was worth riding. Some days the wave is not waiting for me. She needs me to sit and wait, learn, and warm up. Then she comes with a specific challenge and I ride it. I fall, I stand up, I laugh, I flex my muscles, it hurts but I do it again. In increments. I share your experience.

I feel content.

Am not a “universe-will-bring-you everything-you-need” kind of person, because, like many, I’ve known scarcity, fear, doubt, anxiety, and failure firsthand. I never had the bl**dy universe on speed dial to rescue me at these times.

What really worked instead was common sense, hope, peers with radically listening skills, the work, the networking, a dose of privilege too, and determination, and this got me out of bad situations. But mostly the opportunity for reflection.

To me now, abundance is about preparation and observation.

Be well-kitted and autonomous, but also understand the surroundings, have help at hand if needed, and write enough scenarios and a plan ahead to give me some ground and drive whilst being flexible, adaptive, and always creative.

The wave is not there for my salvation.

She will continue with or without me.

There is a golden price in accepting that observing and learning is better than blindly riding at all costs.

What are your thoughts?

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